What’s the difference between the Bolle 180° and the Bolle Pilot?

Bolle Safety is a brand that has been around for over 100 years. Since the late 1800s, it’s focused on producing the highest quality safety products possible. They have, of course, since adapted with materials that have continued to make some of the best safety glasses and safety goggles out there. 

Two of these products are the Bolle 180° and the Bolle Pilot. These are both fantastic safety goggles that are best for high-intensity jobs or where you’re going to need maximum protection around your eyes and have them covered.

What’s the same with these two products? 

Both the Bolle 180° and Bolle Pilot are built for protection. Both meet rigorous industry standards and have ANSI Z87+ 2 ratings that help to ensure the right comfort while having high impact and high-velocity protection that will help keep your eyes focused and not in harm’s way. 

Both also come with D3 and D4 ratings, which means they keep out fine particle dust and can be used in medical situations to protect the eyes from getting exposed to certain diseases for long periods of time. In addition, the lenses themselves are double-sided and are also built to be anti-fog as well as scratch-resistant. 

In addition, both come with their own type of ventilation system and extra durable TR-90 nylon construction, meaning you’ll be able to keep the heat out, the vision clear, and the eyes protected. They also come offering an adjustable strap that allows for these to fit with nearly every sized head, offering flexibility in usage. 

Where do these two end up differing? 

Yet as with many Bolle products, there are slight differences that you should take into consideration. The Bolle Pilot is almost twice the size lens-wise of the Bolle 180°. This makes it a perfect option for those that want to wear this in a fitover style which is common with those that wear prescription glasses. They will fit comfortably with your existing prescription glasses and keep you seeing and protected.

At the same time, the Bolle Pilot also comes with a foam gasket that can easily be cleaned but also provides an extra layer of comfort that can help keep these on all day long with minimal to no discomfort. Another key difference is the lens type. Both options come with the standard black and gray frame with the clear platinum lenses, yet the Bolle Pilot comes with one more additional choice, which is the same frame but with Copper CSP lenses. This gives the safety goggles a nice tint that can be useful in bright light situations. 

In the end

Either way, when it comes to safety goggles, you cannot go wrong with one of these two. They also come at such a great price point you can consider getting both of these safety goggles and see which one you prefer for specific situations. As always, at RX safety, feel free to reach out to us if there are any questions. 

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