Hudson Optical H Series: a non-conductive safety glasses collection

The-Hudson-Optical-H-Series:-A -Collection-of-Non-Conductive-Safety- Glasses

A brand that has been around for half a century, Hudson Optical has launched a new series that is focused on being non-conductive. That means it provides additional levels of safety, as it won’t conduct heat, electricity, or sound. This means wearing these; you can focus on them protecting you and not adding to the potential danger of a work environment.

H2 Safety Glasses

The first frame to look at is the H2 Safety glasses, which come in a wraparound design. This helps to provide side coverage without the need for side shields. These, as many frames at RX safety, are available with prescription lenses. These frames also meet ANSI z87.1-2015 high velocity and impact standards. They come in a black and orange frame.

H3 Safety Glasses

The H3 Safety glasses come in a rectangular-shaped frame, which is perfect for those that will need higher prescription lenses. They also come with ANSI Z87.1 ratings, meaning your eyes will be protected when you put them on. With a saddle bridge and wider temples, these are perfect for larger faces. They’re available in a patriotic Red, White and Blue, Graphite Red, Black Fade, Black Orange, and Brown Fade.

H3P Safety Glasses

These are very similar to the H3 safety glasses and come in the same colors, such as Black & Orange, Brown Fade, Black Fade, Red, White and Blue, and Graphite Red. In addition, the H3P safety glasses come with permanent side shields. They also have ANSI Z87.1 impact and velocity ratings to round out their secure features. 

H4 Safety Glasses

For those that prefer the wraparound design, the H4 Safety glasses is another model that offers it. That means built-in side coverage. These are constructed through a dual injection molding process that is built with rubberized temples and nose pads to keep them comfortable. They come in either Graphite Orange or Clear Orange frame colors. 

H5 Safety Glasses

These combine the wraparound design with a full seal protector eyecup that’s detachable and replaceable, ensuring high hygiene. These frames also come in only two choices: Graphite Orange or Clear Orange frame colors. These will keep unwanted foreign debris with the eye cups and protect them from the outside with its ANSI Z87+ ratings. 

H7 Safety Goggles

The only goggle option that comes with a secure fit via its adjustable strap. In addition, these safety goggles come with a similar FS-5 full seal protector gasket that can be easily cleaned and eventually replaced. The H7 Safety glasses come in only Black. 

H9 Safety Glasses

Another rectangular frame option has five different color choices: Black Orange, Clear, Matte Gray, Venetian Red, and Black Fade. These are another excellent option for higher prescriptions and also maintain that ANSI Z87.1 impact and velocity rating. The H9 safety glasses are also built for larger faces with their saddle bridge and wider temples. 

H9P Safety Glasses

The H9P Safety glasses are practically identical to the H9 safety glasses, except this model comes with permanent side shields. You can find all the comfort of wider temples and the saddle bridge here. In addition, they also come in the same five colors, as well as in a rectangular shape.

The-H-Series-from-Hudson-Optical:- Non-Conductive-Safety-Glasses

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