What are the best prescription diving and swimming goggles?

Sometimes we feel that those that wear prescription glasses don’t realize just how many options there are for prescriptions outside of standard glasses. Whether it’s a high-quality pair of sunglasses, the need to have safety glasses in sports, or even when jumping into the pool, those that need a prescription can easily get them, with multiple options and colors as necessary.

At RX Safety, we like to provide as many variations across the world of products that offer prescription lenses, and here you’ll find some of the best options for diving and swimming.

Leader xRx Adult Dive Mask

You can also use these diving goggles for those who want to go snorkeling. They’re extremely lightweight and have a huge field of vision, so you’ll be able to explore those coral reefs without any issues while also focusing on your diving with its extended peripheral vision that actually provides 180-degree views as needed. It also has a purge valve to push the water out fast when necessary and an allergy-free silicone-based strap to ensure a snug fit.

You’re able to get the xRx Adult Dive Mask in either a blue or a silver color, depending on your preference. In addition, you can get the prescription insert from us online, as long as you know your prescription. 

Leader Prescription Adult Swimming Goggles

Whether you’re looking to train for the next Olympics or want some goggles the next time you swim in the ocean, these swimming goggles are a perfect option for anyone who needs them in a prescription. 

The eye seals will help secure the goggles on your face and are also made with hypo-allergenic silicone materials. Then when it comes to comfort, there’s an adjustable strap and a nose bridge that’s also adjustable to secure the fit completely. 

You also have your choice of colors, whether you want classic black or clear, or have it come in cherry or blue. You can get yourself stocked up with a pair of these goggles with a prescription here

Rec Specs Frogeye Adult Prescription Swimming Goggles

The Rec Specs Frogeye also gives you a choice of styles, such as blue fade crystal, aqua crystal, smoke crystal, or a clear crystal design. These goggles also take a two-lens approach when it comes to providing you with a prescription. First, you have an excellent standard swimming lens on the outside that is clear and brings in the right amount of clarity and light. Then there’s a lens on the inside that is the prescription lens that gives you the right type of clarity and actually being able to see properly.

The gap between the lenses is what makes these an excellent option for any avid swimmer. It’s even possible to get these in a photochromic option to keep the lens at the right level of shade to maintain eye clarity. 

As with anything related to prescriptions, all of this can be purchased directly on our site, to your prescription and specifications.

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