What type of gloves should construction workers use?

When using personal protective equipment or PPE at a workplace, it’s really about protecting workers from the potential hazards of the job site. Whether it’s radiological, chemical, or physical, having the PPE program to specifically protect against the combination of hazards is crucial.

A PPE program should include what’s necessary on the worksite and when and how to properly wear the PPE equipment at all times. PPE doesn’t mean it will protect against everything, so knowing the limitations is also a key area. Finally, as part of understanding PPE, it’s good to know how to take care of equipment and when to throw them away. This ensures that the PPE equipment is working in an optimal setting.

Work Gloves are an excellent example of PPE that should be part of a construction site or heavy equipment platform. Nearly a million people are heading to the ER annually for their hands due to a work-related injury, and most of the time, it’s because they are not wearing protective working gloves. The medical costs are typically in the thousands to tens of thousands, depending on the severity of the injury to the hand. Having the right type of gloves for construction workers doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.

Let’s look at some excellent options for construction gloves that we offer at RX-Safety.

Pyramex Safety GL607C Safety Gloves

The GL607C safety gloves for construction workers come with a 13 Gauge HPPE liner. This is one of their thicker options, while still made of Nitrile micro-foam that always has a good grip. These construction gloves also help with high-visibility clothing programs on construction sites, coming in a bright color to be easily seen. There’s no problem with sizing as you can get these safety gloves from small to 2XL.

Pyramex Safety GL401 Safety Gloves

Another option with a thick nylon liner is the GL401. This one is also 13 gauge, helping it to be abrasion and tear-resistant, similar to the GL607C. In addition, they still provide ample dexterity and flexibility, and more importantly, they have a grip that doesn’t ever feel sticky. These come in a more neutral color and tone and have similar size options from small to 2XL.

Pyramex Safety GL601DP Safety Gloves

The final pair of work gloves construction focused are the GL601DP. These are of 15 gauge nylon, also built with a spandex liner. That means you’ll get some of the best tactile sensitivity, motion, and grip. It still also means protection against tears and abrasions. It also absorbs oil, increasing the grip strength through the foam coating, which works like a sponge. This comes in a rich darker tone and also, as the options above, comes in small to 2XL sizes.

Remember that any of these construction gloves can be purchased individually or in boxes with 12 come per box, meaning you can quickly outfit the whole job site through us. Feel free to always reach out to us further for any specifics or questions you may have.

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