Prescription Safety Glasses 101: The Materials Used to Keep You Safe


Some may be wondering about the materials behind safety glasses that make them strong enough to protect your eyesight and get those industry ratings. Safety glasses are necessary for many work environments.

Having the right fitting pair can help easily protect your eyes and tend to be quite a comfortable option that you can wear all day long in the office. You can even make safety glasses prescription based, and they can even be your backup pair of glasses to see with.

Safety prescription glasses undergo the same testing and will protect your eyes just the same. Additional components, such as foam gaskets to protect against excessive dust and fine particle environments or side shields, help cover your peripherals from chemical splashes. All of this is possible to be had as prescription safety glasses.

Safety glasses and their lenses

There are also lens options for you with your safety glasses that can easily become safety prescription glasses.


Safety glasses glass lenses are an excellent durable choice that offers the clearest vision. They can also be made thinner than other lenses for a better look. Additionally, glass lenses are more resistant to scratches. The only major drawback comes from the weight of the material, limiting the options of some frames and making rimless or semi-rimless frames, not an option.


One of the best choices for impact resistance is the highest price. They are thin and lightweight and offer UV protection. Ironically, these are harder to tint and better with scratch-resistant coating.


Another option for one of the best optical qualities while being very durable. Yet they tend to be a thicker plastic lens option, which can be quite noticeable with higher prescriptions. They will also come at a premium in price and can even surpass the cost of Polycarbonate.

High Index Plastic

Great for those with higher prescriptions without making the lens look so thick. It’s also thinner than standard plastic lenses as well as lighter. The only issue is that they may be more reflective due to their shape.

Safety glasses frame material

Three core materials can be considered with your frames.


These tend to be the heaviest option, so consider a lighter lens. Metal options can be extremely durable and strong but aren’t an option when you’re also looking for conductive protection.


They are one of the lightest options that also help by having a variety of colors to differentiate. These tend to be a lower-cost option but have a serious drawback where they tend not to have nose pads and are hard to adjust.

TR-90 Nylon

A standard material in the safety glasses world that is both lightweight and durable. They help achieve safety standards and help to provide the right frames for many lens types to fit in.

Specialized lens coatings

To round out the safety features of your prescription safety glasses, consider getting coatings that make sense to your environment. For example, if you’re getting polycarbonate lenses, apply a scratch-resistance layer, which generally preserves your clarity of vision. For those with high-index lenses, an anti-reflective coating will help reduce the reflection. Of course, if your lenses don’t come with them already, consider getting UV protection, especially if you work outdoors.

What are the best
safety glasses?

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Where to get the best prescription safety glasses

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