Get the Right Fit: How to Measure for Fit-Over Sunglasses

As some of you may already know, fitover glasses are an excellent cost-effective option designed to fit prescription glasses and provide enhanced protection, typically from UV rays the sun produces. They are meant to fit comfortably and shouldn’t be too large or too small in any case. They shouldn’t disrupt your existing vision in any way, either. 

You should start measuring from the width and height of your existing glasses, as well as the distance between your temples. If you feel as if you’re in between sizes, go with the larger fit-over glasses. Keep in mind this is also an excellent way of having sunglasses that fit over prescription glasses as well as provide enhanced protection with how much they end up covering your eyes and face area. 

With a secure fit, these sunglasses that fit over glasses come in a variety of styles, designs, and levels of protection. 

Cocoons LightGuard G400H Medium Fitover Safety Glasses

This is perfect for frames up to 136mm by 44m. They’re extremely durable as well and offer complete UV protection with the eyes covered. They also have a visible light transmission of 16%, helping to provide better contrast and thus improved vision. The lenses themselves are already treated with an anti-fog coating to ensure that there are no issues with the vision. 

Finally, to add a layer of protection, the G400H is actually rated as ANSI Z87.1 safety ratings against high velocity and high-impact projectiles. These frames come in a brown hazelnut color. 

Jonathan Paul Torana Fitover Sunglasses

These come equipped with Polarvue® lenses that are polarized lenses, meaning no glare and the right amount of contrast. They’re also designed to make it appear as if you’re not even wearing glasses beneath them. In addition, the Torana comes in a Wrap Around design that helps offer maximum protection against UVA and UVB rays. Your lens color options are dark charcoal or blue denim. 

Jonathan Paul Orion Fitover Sunglasses

Another excellent pair of sunglasses that fit over prescription glasses, the Orion also provides 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays. They’re also made of extremely durable nylon-based material that helps keep the frames lasting longer and not prone to any stress cracking. The lenses are also durable since they’re made with polycarbonate while also helping reduce glare. These are perfect for those wearing glasses no bigger than 140mm by 43mm. 

Perfect to get for any occasion

With fit-over sunglasses, you can easily use them whenever needed and not have to invest in another pair of prescription glasses that are sunglasses. They are made to be worn over most sized frames and will give you that protection against the light that you deserve.

These fit-over sunglasses are also ultra-light and durable. This means you can easily bring them with you on trips without worrying if they will get damaged during transit. This affords you the luxury to enjoy those sunny destinations while still wearing your prescription glasses and not having your comfort compromised.

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