The Importance of High Visibility Vests: Stay Safe with RX Safety


When it comes to safety, visibility is a non-negotiable factor, especially in hazardous environments. At RX Safety, we recognize the significance of being seen and staying safe, particularly in challenging conditions. That’s why we’re proud to present a diverse range of high visibility vests that have been designed with precision and care. Our collection of ANSI-certified high visibility safety vests caters to a wide spectrum of industries and activities, ensuring that you remain visible and secure, day or night.

Our high visibility vests come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors, providing you with options that suit your specific requirements. Crafted from top-tier materials, these vests are built to withstand the rigors of demanding tasks, offering both durability and reliability. The vibrant fluorescent hues, including neon yellow, orange and red, combined with strategically placed reflective strips, guarantee maximum visibility, even in low-light conditions.

Professionals working in construction, roadwork, traffic control, and other high-risk settings can benefit greatly from our hi vis safety vests. These vests serve as a visual beacon, alerting others to your presence and significantly reducing the likelihood of accidents. To ensure your comfort during long workdays, our vests are designed with adjustable features and breathable fabrics, allowing you to focus on your tasks without compromise.

High visibility vests aren’t limited to professionals alone – they also play a vital role in recreational activities. If you’re an enthusiast of jogging, cycling, or walking in dimly lit areas, wearing a high visibility vest can greatly enhance your safety. These vests are equally indispensable for event organizers, security personnel, and emergency responders who need swift recognition in crowded or chaotic situations.

At RX Safety, your safety and satisfaction are our paramount concerns. We’ve carefully sourced our safety vests from trusted manufacturers who adhere to the highest quality standards. Our commitment to providing dependable products that meet or exceed industry regulations remains unwavering.

Investing in a safety vest is a small yet invaluable step toward ensuring your well-being. Take a closer look at our collection and choose the high visibility vest that aligns with your needs. With RX Safety’s high visibility vests, you’re not just staying visible – you’re staying safe.

Discover Our Top High Visibility Vest Recommendations


Portwest C472 Hi-Vis Safety Vest: 

This personal protective equipment is engineered for high visibility and reflectivity. Crafted from lightweight polyester material, it’s available in striking yellow and orange colors. The hook and loop closure offers easy access, and the single reflective tape on the chest amplifies visibility. With sizes ranging from small to three extra-large, the C472 Hi-Vis Safety Vest guarantees a comfortable fit. It meets EN ISO 20471 and ANSI 107 safety standards, and it’s also compliant with RIS 3279-TOM for the rail industry (orange only).

Portwest EC76 Hi-Vis Safety Vest (10 Pack): 

Combining safety with sustainability, the EC76 hi-vis safety vest is made from 100% recycled polyester. Its classic reflective tape configuration enhances visibility, making it suitable for diverse work environments. Lightweight and comfortable, it boasts a hook and loop closure for quick adjustments. The generous fit ensures mobility and comfort for all body types. Available in packs of 10, in both orange and yellow, it meets EN ISO 20471, RIS 3279 TOM (orange only), and ANSI/ISEA 107 safety standards.

Portwest PW309 Hi-Vis Executive Safety Vest: 

Style and functionality unite in this premium safety solution. Featuring multiple pockets, including specialized compartments for phones, pens, and radios, the PW309 hi-vis executive safety vest offers ample storage. A detachable ID pocket adds convenience while enhancing the overall design. This vest is available in orange/black and yellow/black, meeting EN ISO 20471, RIS 3279 TOM (orange only), and ANSI/ISEA 107 safety standards.

In conclusion, high visibility vests are a fundamental aspect of safety in various settings. At RX Safety, we’re dedicated to providing you with a selection of top-quality vests that prioritize both your safety and comfort. Browse our offerings and choose the high visibility vest that ensures you stand out and stay safe, no matter the circumstances. Your well-being is our priority at RX Safety.

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