Safety Glasses With Straps and Why We Love Them!

Safety glasses with straps are the favorite ones for a lot of reasons. But, this is especially true when playing sports or doing some other type of rigorous activity; you want to ensure your safety or prescription safety glasses stay on when they’re supposed to. Otherwise, it defeats the whole purpose of getting these types […]

What’s the difference between photochromic and Transitions lenses?

Let’s get this out right away. Transitions™ lenses are a brand that makes Photochromatic lenses. They have simply become so popular that the two words have become interchangeable. On top of that, Transitions have become one of the most popular and advanced types of lenses that have a host of benefits for the users who […]

Meet the Morpheus Safety Glasses Series by Rec Specs

At RX Safety, we really disliked the original sportswear protective glasses that were offered to professional players back in the day. They looked clunky and came with an all-clear frame and black band that honestly didn’t seem that comfortable overall.  Well, those bad old days are long gone as the company known as Rec Specs […]

The Importance of Safety Glasses for School Sports

As the school season is upon us yet again, that means kids are heading back to school and playing sports. So naturally, safety while playing sports is a priority, and we want to ensure that simply taking advantage of wearing safety sports glasses can prevent major injuries and enhance their game simultaneously with constant clarity […]

What’s the difference between the Bolle 180° and the Bolle Pilot?

Bolle Safety is a brand that has been around for over 100 years. Since the late 1800s, it’s focused on producing the highest quality safety products possible. They have, of course, since adapted with materials that have continued to make some of the best safety glasses and safety goggles out there.  Two of these products […]

Product Release – New Metal Safety Glasses: RX-303, RX-475, RX-125

Keeping in line with our strategy at RX Safety, to always provide you with the most diverse set of safety glasses and always to offer you the latest options that are out there, we are pleased to start carrying three additional opportunities to our already extensive catalog. One thing to notice immediately about these options […]

Difference between Transitions XTRActive and XTRActive polarized lenses

Getting Transitions lenses is always an excellent idea, especially with prescription glasses. This allows you to have the combination of sunglasses when it’s bright outside and revert back to regular prescription glasses indoors. It will eliminate the need to have two pairs of glasses, one for prescription and one for sunglasses, and ultimately will help […]

Product release: Vistanza Brand

Vistanza is dedicated to providing that right balance of quality, affordability, and style. These are for those that are looking for something modern with a high quality of construction occurring behind the scenes. These products were built with the mindset of what the major pain points are when it comes to quality frames.  The first […]

Bolle Cycling Glasses are the best! And Here is Why

We cannot stress enough at RX Safety just how important having the right pair of glasses can be. It’s not just about safety glasses in hazardous locations at the workplace or radiation safety glasses at a local dental clinic.  In our everyday lives, we need to think about what we can do to best protect […]

How to wear safety glasses over glasses

We understand that you are used to your prescription glasses. You’ve taken the time to find just the right pair, and they are comfortable enough to wear on a daily basis. In addition, you’ve invested a lot in them to get specialized lenses that may be ultra-thin or possibly have added transition lenses. Yet you […]

Ray-Ban sunglasses at RX Safety, an imperative guide

At RX Safety, we know that quality and performance are key ingredients for any successful pair of eyeglasses. Couple this with style, and you’ve got the ultimate pair of eyewear. We know that finding this unprecedented combination can easily become overwhelming. With many brands offering a multitude of styles, how do you make a confident […]

Brand New T6511 Prescription Safety Glasses

At Rx Safety, we always enjoy it when a new pair of safety glasses come our way. But, we’re especially happy when that pair has a focus on being prescription safety glasses. This is due to the stigma that still seems to be around about the fact that safety glasses or safety sunglasses are still […]

How to turn my prescription glasses into safety glasses?

When you’re looking at getting safety glasses, you’re able to make them with a prescription. There are even a few models out there that are more than capable of being not only your primary prescription glasses but also carry a host of safety features. They’ll look like regular prescription glasses but be comprised of materials […]

How do I know if my glasses prescription is safety rated?

Prescription safety glasses are something that you don’t want to overthink. You want to be able to put them on and get back to the task at hand, knowing that those glasses are there to help protect you when you need them.  But, on the flip side, you won’t want to find out after the […]

Do safety glasses expire?

You’re ready to get your first set of premium prescription safety glasses, or maybe your work provided you with a standard run-of-the-mill pair of safety glasses to get for your work environment. You think to yourself, that’s it, the hard part is done, your eyes are protected, and you can get back to work. There’ll […]

What size Wiley X Sunglasses Do I Need?

As our customers know, RX-Safety is a proud distributor of Wiley X Sunglasses. These glasses are a tried-and-true part of our glasses collection. They have provided our customers with protection for decades. They provide optical protection in many different hazardous environments. This is true at work, or the field, or on the road. We sell […]

How to choose Nike Glasses

As an official distributor of Nike Vision’s line of Nike prescription sports glasses, we wanted to take the time to help those who are interested in picking up one of these frames with a simple guide. This will help whittle down the choices and ultimately have you select an option with a sense of satisfaction.  […]

Here’s why you should buy Oakley prescription sunglasses at RX Safety

If you’re looking for sunglasses with edge and ultimate eyewear protection look no further. Oakley Inc. designs and manufactures safe and stylish eyewear, with transformative technology that’s suitable for many occasions. The story of Oakley is woven from humble beginnings. With founder James Jannard’s initial three hundred dollar investment in 1975, Oakley rose to develop […]

Smith Bobcat Sunglasses Review: superior function and freedom

With many available options for performance-based eyewear, we know that it can get a bit overwhelming making the best selection for your needs. But with the Smith Optics, you can rest assured that you will get a powerful, optic experience, all while doing the things you love most.  Smith Optics is a standard-leading eyewear brand […]

RX Safety is an official dealer of Ray Ban sunglasses

RX Safety, the leading online source for safety and performative eyewear, has provided creative and revolutionary optical solutions in the industry for many years. A part of this mission entails giving our customers access to high end quality eyewear brands. With that, we are pleased to announce our official distribution of Ray Ban prescription sunglasses. […]

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