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When it comes to ensuring the safety and well-being of your employees, there’s no room for compromise. That’s where RX Safety’s Prescription Safety Glasses Corporate Program steps in, offering a comprehensive solution that not only safeguards your workforce but also maximizes convenience and cost-efficiency.








We create eye protection solutions tailored to the specific requirements of your workforce!

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Whether you need protection against chemicals, dust, radiation, and more, we have a variety of safety glasses with prescription that provide great durability and protection.

RX Safety has wide variety of prescription safety glasses, from wrap around safety glasses, plastic safety glasses, metal frame safety glasses, bifocal safety glasses, safety glasses with foam gasket, and more.

We also have prescription safety glasses with side shields that offer additional protection for the eye, preventing hazards and providing optimum security.


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Crafted exclusively for your company

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Unbeatable Cost Savings

We understand the importance of managing costs, and that’s why our program offers prescription safety glasses at a significantly reduced price point.


Seamless Ordering Process

Our user-friendly system ensures that placing orders for your employees is a breeze. You’ll have access to an exclusive customer service team dedicated to catering to your corporate needs, making the process smooth and hassle-free.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

With RX Safety’s Corporate Program, you not only get affordable safety glasses but also the peace of mind that comes with robust insurance coverage.
Protect your workforce and your bottom line with our comprehensive safety eyewear solutions.


In-House Samples

We take convenience to the next level by allowing your employees to select their preferred frames right within your company premises.
Our commitment to quality can be experienced first hand with 6 free safety glasses samples tailored to your specific workplace requirements. These samples can be kept on hand for your employees to try on, ensuring they find the perfect fit.

Try-On Forever

Your employees will have all the time they need to find the right fit for their safety eyewear, thanks to our “Try-On Forever” policy. No rush, no stress, just the perfect pair of glasses for every individual.


Specialized for Professionals

RX Safety specializes in providing safety eyewear for a range of professional segments, including medical and lab personnel, industrial workers, those in woodworking, construction, electricians, and manufacturing industries. Your employees will have access to top-tier protective eyewear tailored to their specific needs.

Contact Our Corporate Sales

Whether you prefer the personal touch of a phone call or the convenience of email, we’re here to cater to your corporate needs.

Access the RX-VIP Portal

Get your own exclusive portal where your employees can effortlessly place, manage, and track their safety eyewear orders.

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just like our commitment to your corporate needs.

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