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The popularity of men’s glasses frames can vary over time and can be influenced by factors such as fashion trends, personal preferences, and individual styles. However, some frame styles have maintained their popularity consistently. Here are a few timeless and popular men’s glasses frames:

  1. Wayfarer: The classic Wayfarer style, known for its bold and angular shape, has been popular for decades. It offers a versatile and stylish look that suits various face shapes.
  2. Aviator: Originally designed for pilots, aviator frames have a distinctive teardrop shape with metal frames and double nose bridges. They exude a timeless and masculine appeal, often associated with a relaxed and adventurous vibe.
  3. Round: Round frames have made a strong comeback in recent years. These frames, popularized by iconic figures like John Lennon, have a retro and intellectual look that adds a touch of vintage charm to any outfit.
  4. Rectangle: Rectangle frames are a classic choice that suits many face shapes. They offer a sleek and professional appearance, making them popular for formal and casual wear.
  5. Clubmaster: The Clubmaster style combines classic and contemporary elements with its browline design. These frames feature a bold upper frame and thinner rims below, creating a sophisticated and stylish aesthetic.
  6. Square: Square frames provide a solid, angular look that suits individuals with round or oval face shapes. They offer a modern and masculine appeal, making them popular among many men.

It’s important to note that individual style and face shape significantly determine which frames look best on someone. Visiting an optical store or consulting an eyewear professional can provide personalized guidance in selecting the most suitable glasses frames based on personal preferences, facial features, and current trends.


Picking out men’s glasses online is a convenient option, although it may require some extra considerations compared to trying them on in person. Here are some tips to help you choose the right glasses online:

  1. Know Your Prescription: Ensure you have an up-to-date prescription from your eye care professional before shopping online. This includes the sphere (power), cylinder (if applicable), axis (if applicable), and pupillary distance (PD). Accurate prescription details will enable you to select glasses matching your vision needs.
  2. Understand Frame Measurements: At Rx-Safety, we provide all the frame measurements, including lens width, bridge width, temple length, and lens height. Compare these measurements to your current glasses or a well-fitting pair to gauge the size that suits you best. If you need help figuring out your frame size, Please click this article about how to determine your frame size.
  3. Read Product Descriptions and Reviews: Pay attention to the product descriptions provided on the website. Look for details about frame materials, features, and any additional information relevant to your needs. Additionally, read customer reviews to get insights into previous buyers’ fit, quality, and overall satisfaction.
  4. Ask Customer Service: If you have questions or need guidance, contact customer service via chat, phone, or email. They can provide additional information, assist in choosing the right frames, or address any concerns you may have.

Several popular men’s glasses brands stand out, including Nike, Carrera, Spy, and Geek.

Nike, known for its athletic prowess, extends its expertise to eyewear, offering a range of sporty and contemporary glasses. With a focus on performance and style, Nike glasses are sought after by individuals who prioritize functionality and fashion.

Carrera, a brand synonymous with racing heritage, specializes in eyewear that combines sleek designs with vintage inspiration. Carrera glasses often feature bold frames and stylish accents, appealing to those seeking a unique and fashionable look.

Spy is a brand that caters to the adventurous and outdoorsy crowd. Their eyewear blends fashion with performance, making them popular among individuals who enjoy outdoor activities. Spy glasses are known for their stylish designs, durability, and lenses optimized for various environments.

Geek is a brand that embraces individuality and showcases unique eyewear designs. Their glasses often feature unconventional shapes, bold colors, and distinctive details. Geek glasses are favored by those who want to make a fashion statement and express their style.

Each brand brings something different, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. Whether you seek sporty functionality, vintage charm, adventurous flair, or unconventional styles, Nike, Carrera, Spy, and Geek are among the famous men’s glasses brands to consider.

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