RX Safety is extremely proud to be one of the few companies that still offer real glass prescription lenses. We pride ourselves on being able to supply for the optical needs of all our customers, and we know that many would benefit from real glass lenses. In the optical industry, real glass lenses are considered to be the highest quality of optical material. Real Glass lenses are a higher caliber and higher quality lens than your typical polycarbonate lenses. Our line of eyeglass frames with real glass instead of polycarbonate or plastic lenses has many benefits for the wearer including durability and clarity of vision.

While typical polycarbonate lenses offer you basic protection from the elements, real glass lenses are equipped to be tough and protective in any segment. These real glass prescription lenses provide true HD optics. This means that they provide our customers with more extreme levels of durability and visibility while wearing our frames. This extreme durability pairs with an added level of scratch resistance, adding to the longevity of these glasses. Real glass is actually much more scratch resistant than polycarbonate or plastic lenses.

While real glass is heavier than typical polycarbonate, our metal and TR-90 Nylon frames are made to keep the glasses as lightweight and durable as possible. Our real glass prescription lenses come in the same variety of options as plastic lenses, in plenty of our signature frames for both men and women, making the benefit of real glass universally available in this line. Whether you are looking for fitover frames, goggles, wrap around, metal, plastic, or any other frame, RX-Safety has the real glass lenses to fit. We offer our real glass lenses in a variety of special options as well. The glass lenses come in clear, single vision, transition lenses, glass PhotoGray, PhotoBrown extra, and many more options. We have an extensive line of frames that are available to be used with real glass for both men and women.

Wearing real glass prescription lenses also offers another surprising benefit. Using glass for your lenses lowers the adjustment period wearers experience when adjusting to new glasses. They also significantly lower the amount of vision distortion any glasses wearer experiences. Typically, when you get new glasses, they take some time to get used to because you can experience some distortion in your peripheral vision. Although this is common, real glass lenses reduce this distortion enough to allow our RX-Safety customers that much more comfort and clarity in their vision. This means you experience more comfort in your vision while you work throughout the day, whether you wear reading glasses or prescription safety glasses.

In fact, glass lenses actually offer the highest abbe value of all lens materials. What does this mean? This means that the amount of distortion is the least when you are looking through the lens. This is exceptionally beneficial to those who experience eye fatigue or eye strain throughout the day. Eye strain occurs when wearers’ eyes and eyesight get worn out or tired from extended or intense use. This can happen for wearers in any segment including readers, drivers, or those working on the computer all day. Any type of eye discomfort from extended use of your eyesight is what’s called eye strain. If you wear glasses all day or if you do detailed work, you will have a lot less eye strain and eye fatigue from wearing real glass lenses. They will provide you with much more comfortable throughout the day. This means that using glasses with real glass lenses can help to prevent blurred vision and headaches, the symptoms of eye strain, and eye fatigue.

Many of our customers wear a variety of different lenses to best suit their vision. If you wear bifocal lenses you might also be interested in getting real glass lenses. Bifocal lenses are actually excellently suited for real glass. This is because with plastic lenses, the bifocal part of the lens actually creates a clear-cutting edge. But with glass lenses you are actually able to melt the materials together better, getting rid of the sharp edge and benefiting the wearer’s cohesive vision.

At RX-Safety, we are proud to offer this complete line of safety glasses, sunglasses, and reading glasses available with real glass lenses. We fully believe that the benefits of real glass lenses will provide our customers with comfort and protection throughout the day. Purchase yourself a pair today!


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