Why Choose Glass?

Traditional myths concerning glass as a choice for lens material no longer apply as glass lenses have become thinner and lighter, and high index glass lenses will handle the stronger prescriptions that are common in near-sightedness without the increased thickness. The many reasons why glass lenses are making a comeback include: Glass lenses offer superior clarity and optics. Clarity is a measure of the transparency of a material and the distinction of objects that appear when viewed through that material. Glass offers the least distortion of images due to the inherent optical nature of glass; this feature results in higher eye comfort for detailed work or for those that wear their eyeglasses all day.



Step 2

Personalize your lenses

Once you find the frame you like, click 'Buy Frame with Prescription'

Step 3

Under 'LENS MATERIAL' select 'Standard Glass'

Step 4

Upload your prescription or add it to the form

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