Photogray Extra Glass Lenses

Photogray Extra Glass Lenses, developed by Corning, has a fascinating history dating back to the mid-20th century when photochromic technology first emerged. These lenses were a groundbreaking solution to people’s daily lighting conditions. They transitioned from clear indoor lenses to sunglasses when exposed to UV rays, providing both style and eye protection.

Photogray Extra Glass Lenses offer a host of advantages. Firstly, they provide comprehensive UV protection, effectively shielding your eyes from harmful rays and reducing the risk of eye damage. Secondly, these lenses offer unparalleled convenience. With Photogray Extra Glass Lenses, you won’t need to switch between regular glasses and sunglasses as they adapt seamlessly to changing light conditions.
Furthermore, they are renowned for their exceptional clarity. These lenses are crafted with precision, ensuring sharp and clear vision for various activities, from reading to outdoor adventures. Lastly, durability is a hallmark of these lenses, as they are made from high-quality glass that resists scratches and ensures long-lasting performance.

Photogray Extra Glass Lenses are available in different configurations to cater to individual needs. The Single Vision option offers consistent vision correction for those with a single prescription. Meanwhile, the Flat Top 28 Bifocal is perfect for those needing both distance and near vision correction, with a visible line separating the two prescriptions. The Progressive No-Line Bifocal option offers gradual prescription changes for a seamless transition between near and far vision without visible lines.
Photogray Extra Glass Lenses combines style, history, and advanced technology to provide eyewear that enhances your vision and protects your eyes. With options to suit different prescriptions and preferences, they offer a clear view of the future of eyewear. Experience the evolution today!


PhotoGray extra glass Lens

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At Rx-Safety, we proudly offer genuine Corning-made Photogray Extra Glass Lenses. These lenses deliver unparalleled optics, exceptional scratch resistance, and seamless light-to-dark performance, ensuring clarity and durability in your eyewear. Experience the authentic difference in vision with our Photogray Extra Glass Lenses.


Glass lenses, including Photogray Extra, epitomize exceptional quality and HD optics. These lenses are celebrated for their unrivaled clarity and color accuracy, ensuring a vivid and precise visual experience. All glass lenses are Crafted with precision and using premium materials. Photogray Extra glass lenses elevate your vision to a high-definition level.


We also understand that eyewear is not just about vision; it’s also a fashion statement. That’s why our photogray glasses offer both durability and a premium feel. Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, our glasses seamlessly blend fashion and function to complement your style.




Typically, real glass lenses tend to be heavier than polycarbonate or plastic lenses. To ensure optimal comfort, it’s essential to pair them with lightweight frames.

At RX Safety, we offer an extensive selection of frames that perfectly complement your real glass lenses. These frames not only provide a seamless match but also guarantee both comfort and high-quality vision for your prescription glasses.




Within our prescription form, you have the convenience to select your preferred prescription type. Take your pick from the options of single vision, bifocal, and progressive lenses to suit your specific visual needs.

Once you’ve chosen your prescription type, it’s time to decide on the lens material. Our real glass lenses are made of high quality, durable material, which offers better clarity and sharpness to your vision.



select tints & coatings

To choose PhotoGray colored lenses, simply opt for our PhotoGray Extra option listed under “Lens Colors”.

Moreover, at RX Safety, you have the option to enhance your glass prescription lenses with special coatings like anti-reflective, anti-fog, UV protection, and scratch-resistant treatments. These additional coatings significantly improve the overall performance and durability of your glasses, ensuring you enjoy clear vision and maximum comfort throughout your day.



add your prescription

You’re almost there! Now it’s time to upload or fill in your prescription information, and you’re done!

Your prescription is now in our hands, and we’ll proceed to craft your photochromic gray glass lenses with utmost care. Once ready, we’ll promptly deliver them right to your specified address, ensuring you receive your tailored eyewear hassle-free.


Already have a frame? No problem!

The Lens Replacement Service at RX Safety is easy, and affordable. A great option to upgrade your existing glasses with photogray lens.

Click one of the options below to add new photo gray lenses to your existing frame.

WHERE TO FIND Photogray Extra Glass Lens Glasses

Photochromic gray glasses in the extensive variety offered at RX Safety are a rare find in today’s eyewear market. We take pride in distinguishing ourselves as one of the exclusive providers of this premium eyewear solution, encompassing standard eyeglasses to safety glasses, and offering diverse lens material options that include real glass lenses. Our belief is that everyone deserves the benefits of photogray glass lenses, and we are committed to delivering them to our discerning customers.

Experience the future of eyewear with our photogray glasses, combining style, durability, and cutting-edge technology to give you the vision you deserve. Say goodbye to glare, eye strain, and discomfort in changing light conditions. Embrace the clarity, protection, and convenience of glasses with photogray glass lenses from RX Safety, because your vision should always be your way.

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PHOTOGRAY extra glass LENS

Check out the advantages of having photogray prescription glasses.




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