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If you are looking for prescription eyeglasses that offer both style and convenience, especially in sunny or snowy climates where bright sunlight abounds, photogray prescription eyeglass lenses are the way to go. Fortunately, Rx-Safety has plenty to offer.

What are Glass Photogray Extra lenses?

Photogray lenses, also known as photochromatic or transition lenses, are prescription eyeglass lenses that respond to their environment to create a sunglasses-style tint when in bright, sunny environments. Most types of glass photogray lenses respond to ultraviolet radiation which, in sufficient quantities, causes a chemical reaction that darkens the glass. In ambient light, they are clear as crystal, but when the sun is shining on them they quickly change to a darker tint.

Why Choose Photogray?

While sunglasses are, of course, the most popular choice to dealing with heavy sunlight, for prescription eyeglass wearers they are often an unappealing option. Though there are several different ways in which one can juggle the needs of clear lenses and polarized lenses, none are as efficient as simply choosing to buy photogray prescription lenses.

For example, some people choose to buy clip-on, non-prescription sunglasses lenses that attach to the top of a standard pair of prescription eyeglasses. When the wearer finds himself in direct sunlight, the clip-on portion simply needs to be folded down along a hinge, sitting in front of the prescription lenses. Unfortunately, this requires that the wearer’s vertical vision be greatly reduced when not using the clip-on lenses. Additionally, the product that results from the combination is quite aesthetically unappealing — the clip-on lenses stick out at a 90-degree angle from the face.

Another, more simple route that many prescription eyeglass wearers take is to simply purchase a set of prescription polarized eyeglasses. When they are in the sun, they wear their prescription sunglasses, and when they are not they wear their regular spectacles. This solution is, however, quite costly as one must purchase two sets of prescription glasses rather than one. It is also quite a hassle: not only must one always carry two sets of glasses, one must also actively switch them every time light conditions change.

And, of course, there is the silly method that every prescription eyeglass wearer has tried once or twice before abandoning it: wearing a set of sunglasses over a set of prescription glasses. They hardly ever stay on correctly, though, and wind up being quite uncomfortable on the ears and the bridge of the nose.

Photogray prescription lenses are an elegant solution to the inefficiencies and aesthetic shortcomings of these other methods.

When Shopping for Photogray Lenses

Beyond the style of one’s frames or the precise prescription of the lens, when shopping for photogray lenses there are two chief aspects which ought to be considered.

First, the transition time of the lens is very important. Lenses that transition faster are far superior to those that take longer to do so. Especially when walking from indoors to outdoors (or vice versa), a fast transition time enables the wearer to rapidly adjust to their surroundings. If they take too long to change, the wearer is inevitably blinded by the sun or left unable to see in ambient indoor light.

Second, a proper tint is to be desired in a photogray lens. If they transition to too light of a tint, any direct sunlight will still be unbearable and the user will be left wishing they just had a simple pair of sunglasses. If the lens turns to dark, however, the user may not be able to see at all. Fortunately, the makers of photochromatic lenses have spent their time fine-tuning their products and this second aspect is less likely to produce any problems. If you live in a particularly bright climate, however, it may make sense to do your research on the lens before you buy.

How to Order Glass Photogray Extra Prescription Eyeglasses

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In conclusion, prescription eyeglasses with Photogray Extra lenses truly revolutionize your vision by seamlessly adjusting to varying light conditions. These innovative lenses offer a world of difference in clarity and comfort, enhancing your visual experience like never before. To discover more about the benefits of Photogray lenses and how they can transform the way you see the world, please contact us today. Your journey to clearer, more adaptive vision awaits!

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