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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 4 in


  1. Tara Archer (verified owner)

    Couldn’t have been anymore convenient, and they fit my lenses in my own frames! Love them!

  2. Sara D. (verified owner)

    I was nervous sending my frames in with a company I hadn’t tried before. The price was great, I got all the extras and my lenses are perfect and look great in my glasses. Would recommend 👍

  3. Catherine R. (verified owner)

  4. Dennis T. (verified owner)

    Excellent replacement lenses for a fraction of the cost of the local eyeglass places.Most places will not replace lenses, so I ordered progressive polarized bifocal sunglass lenses to be fitted to my Ray Ban frame. Final product is excellent in terms of fit, quality and corrected sight. It took longer than I expected, but the finished product was worth the wait. I will be sending in my spare glasses for the same lenses. Very happy customer

  5. Brenda S. (verified owner)

    Great value! Glasses came back quickly and they look great! Thank you!

  6. Pam Dunlap (verified owner)

    Glasses are great. Price was so reasonable. Communication could have been better.

  7. Patricia D. (verified owner)

    I was a little hesitant but the glasses came back perfect and for an affordable price. I would definitely use this service again.

  8. Daniel W. (verified owner)

    It took a couple of weeks but man am I happy with the sunglasses. I have always wanted a mirrored finish for prescription lenses and am so glad to have found this website. I will definitely be doing this again

    • rxsafety (verified owner)

      Thank you for the review with covid-19 and a huge increase in busienss its taking a little longer than we would like but we are starting to catch up and should be back to normal deliveries very soon

  9. Jerry Uran (verified owner)

  10. S G C. (verified owner)

    Glass lens are harder to find than polycarb…Glad you guys could fill my prescription…Thanks SGCoppedge

  11. John Weishaar (verified owner)

    Prompt turnaround, new lenses working well

  12. Robert jones (verified owner)

    Good value and service

  13. Rose K. (verified owner)

    It may have taken a while (1 month) but it was worth it. I’ve been very happy and pleasantly
    surprised with my order. I didn’t know what to expect.

  14. Annah (verified owner)

    I am happy with the quality and the speed of service.

  15. Patricia (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the lens replacement done and fast turnaround. I HIGHLY recommend RX-Safety for their reasonably priced and quality work.

  16. LEMING C. (verified owner)

    Very good experience overall. good price, good service, I am very happy with it.

  17. jeanne cosimano (verified owner)

    Nice communication with representatives

  18. Daniel (verified owner)

  19. paul taylor (verified owner)

    This was my first experience with RX Safety. Couldn’t be happier with my replacement lenses or their customer service. Will be using them from now on. Great company!!!

  20. Rose M (verified owner)

    Wish the lenses got darker in the sun, but otherwise great

  21. Elizabeth R. (verified owner)

    Excellent job and very well priced!

  22. Roger Hudson (verified owner)

    Love the glasses! Would’ve liked better updates, when to expect them, etc.

  23. LEWIS C. (verified owner)

    The lenses were made perfectly to my prescription and I have had no problems with them. I am very happy with them and am preparing a second order at this time

  24. Stephen M. (verified owner)

    Got off to a shaky start but came through nicely. Thanks

  25. Eva D. (verified owner)

    Professional service and good quality replacement lenses. I would recommend.

  26. elizabeth m. (verified owner)

    Fast and friendly service! The lenses are great quality! I am looking forward to using them again!

  27. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Thank you so much. It was a very positive experience. Fast delivery and processing time. Item was carefully packed and cared for. Great bargain and would definitely purchase again. Such a pleasant transaction.

  28. Gary Frazier (verified owner)

    Product and service is fantastic.

  29. Crystal B. (verified owner)

    Excellent efficient service! I have placed three orders and all were superb.

  30. Sarah S. (verified owner)

    Beyond happy with how my lenses turned out!!! Amazing work for such a great deal! I can tell you I did my research for months on the most valuable place to get prescription frames and RX-Safety was by far the best price for the best lenses! I sent in some Tom Ford And Chloe frames that I picked out online and getting my lenses replaced with prescription anywhere else was double the cost! Now I have prescription reading lenses AND blue light blocking lenses for when I’m studying on a computer or sitting on my phone. Thank you RX-Safety for your tremendous work and timely shipping and processing (considering the virus). They warned of delays because of the virus but everything seemed to happen from me shipping out my frames; to them receiving them, to processing and sending back was about 18 business days which is typical turn around time anywhere else as well! Thanks again! I’m in LOVE with my glasses!!!

  31. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very good and much appreciated! I had the hardest time finding a company that would put new lenses in my old eyeglasses frames.

  32. Daniel (verified owner)

  33. John (verified owner)

    Service was fine, but slow.

  34. Amanda B. (verified owner)

    This was a very affordable way to update my glasses and it didn’t take much time. I’m very happy with them.

  35. Andrea (verified owner)

  36. Mark Proffitt (verified owner)

    Glasses returned perfect. Great job. I’ll be a long-term customer.

  37. Brian T. (verified owner)

    very happy, turned out great

  38. Deborah Louise (verified owner)

    Once I figured out the process, it was quick, easy, efficient, and my glasses are great! Received my glasses back in a timely manner, I believe in about 11 days. This process also saved me approximately $130 over having a local eyeglass store replace the lenses in my favorite pair of frames!

  39. Stephen A. (verified owner)

    Good job and on time!

  40. Victoria A. (verified owner)

    Great job guys. Couldn’t be happier with my new glasses.

  41. Timothy Thompson (verified owner)

  42. Sara Henke

    I am excited to get my new lenses for my favorite older frames!!

  43. Prentice Denton (verified owner)

  44. Jae F. (verified owner)

    Great job. Quick and easy. I highly recommend this company.

  45. Mario Andrade (verified owner)

    I am very happy with my glasses and with the service that you gave me, thank you. Rx-safety

  46. Barry Thatcher (verified owner)

    Fast service. Best set of lenses I’ve had in a long time

  47. Dominic Testa (verified owner)

    Great work and great deal!

  48. Billie Carter-Martin (verified owner)

    Honestly, I was somewhat reluctant to send my frames as I feared I had made a mistake in placing my order. I’m not the most computer literate person. But I sent the frames and received an e-mail of confirmation. It was WONDERFUL! The glasses were made to specifications of the prescription and fit extremely well. It was well worth it and I would never hesitate to recommend them.

  49. Eric D. (verified owner)

    Fast and efficient process and turnaround. Extremely reasonable pricing for high quality lens replacement on my polarized prescription sunglasses. I will Look forward to using your service in the future and recommending you to others. Thanks!

  50. David N. (verified owner)

  51. Todd Simon (verified owner)

  52. Ralph (verified owner)

    Excellent product.

  53. Peter S. (verified owner)

    The process was simple and you can’t beat the price! Great job! Will use RX-Safety again for sure!

  54. MICHAEL B. (verified owner)

    EXCELLENT 100%

  55. Vincent C. (verified owner)

    Great prices, great work, fast delivery, will order again.

  56. Oliver (verified owner)

    fantastic lenses. great customer service. fairly quick turn around to replace lenses.

  57. Robert (verified owner)

    Very pleased with re-lens and services provided, including turnaround. A++

  58. Robert (verified owner)

    Well done. Excellent quality replacement lenses. Love em. Great job.

  59. Alexander Levit (verified owner)

  60. Steve E. (verified owner)

    The quality I am pleased with. The whole process of ordering , shipping my glasses and receiving my glasses was easy. I will probably do with another frame I have again for progressive lenses.

  61. Mary A. (verified owner)

    Prompt Service and good quality

  62. Ed M. (verified owner)

    Excelent! Great quality glasses. I will return for more.

  63. VINCENT C. (verified owner)

    The replacement DRIVEWEAR LENSES that was made, fitted perfectly in my CARRERA 5544 frame. Highly recommend RX SAFETY for all your lenses replacements, great price and great job. Will use again. Thanks

  64. Joan Briggs (verified owner)

    Totally satisfied

  65. Eleonora Silayeva (verified owner)

    Hi, that was my third order and I am very happy with all three. Everything was done fast and lenses are of good quality. Customer service people is super friendly and super helpful. Thank you very much!

  66. Arthur (verified owner)

    very fast and easy to work with

  67. Eleonora Silayeva (verified owner)

  68. Maylene D. (verified owner)

    Wonderful service and price, I got such an amazing deal, scratch resistant, blue blocker and anti glare on a progressive poly lens for under $150. Never could afford to get all 4 together
    before. When it arrived, it was so well packaged, I was really quite impressed. Can’t go wrong with this company, will be back again.

  69. Kristy S. (verified owner)

    Wonderful price, product, and customer service.

  70. Joseph (verified owner)

    Great Lenses I would use them for all my lens replacements going forward

  71. Judy Hart (verified owner)

  72. RAYMOND A ALLEN SR (verified owner)

    Great job, future order will be same except with “Sun Lenses”. Thanks

  73. Jesus D. (verified owner)

    This is now my second time I have done this eyeglass lens replacement service. And I will keep coming back. I have bunch of old frames that need updated lenses, and no one does it better. Thank you for making this such and easy and affordable process. Thank you for what you do.

  74. James Maronic (verified owner)

  75. Christina (verified owner)

    I sent in my sunglasses to get new lenses. I was a bit skeptical because I was told by other companies I couldn’t get lenses for them. I got them back and I love them. The lenses look great I am sending my other pair in as well

  76. Wendy (verified owner)

    You guys are awesome! Was able to get replacement lenses for my favorite frames, one I got my regular prescription and the second pair I turned to sunglasses. They did a awesome job! Highly recommend! Will definitely be a return customer.

  77. David Nerlove (verified owner)

    Good job, will come back to you, Thanks

  78. Richard C. (verified owner)

  79. Margaret C. (verified owner)

    I had an expensive pair of frames with very scratched lens. My local company wanted $500 to replace! I first sent the frames and prescription to another on line company. After two sets of lens that were unwearable I asked for a refund. I found Rx Safety through online reviews and the price was fantastic (about of 1/4 of my local provider) shipped frames and had them back in about 10 days. Very pleased with my new lens!

  80. ELEONORA SILAYEVA (verified owner)

  81. Jesus D. (verified owner)

    I am so grateful a service like this exist, I have lots of old frames that I was not able to use until this service happen to come along. The whole process was easy and quick. Thank you so much!!!!

  82. Suzanne G. (verified owner)

    I love them so much , they are the clearest lenses I have gotten anywhere . I’m looking to find my next pair to send in asap

  83. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The lenses are beautiful. Really very nicely done, but a tiny hairline scratch on the frames.

  84. RUBEN BARRETO (verified owner)

    For the past 12 years, Every two year period, my eye prescription has been drastically changing. Anyone who wears glasses knows how expensive a new pair can cost. Now with the Rx-Safety lens replacement I have saved a lot of money by using my old frames. I have now used this company three separate times for all my new prescriptions. They have surpassed my expectations every time I get my glasses back. If you have old frames that you love but your prescription has changed, let Rx-safety lens replace your lens. You will save a lot of money and their work will speak for itself. Highly Recommend them.

  85. Stephen (verified owner)

  86. Lynn D. (verified owner)

    great lenses in my frames love it!

  87. Deborah P. (verified owner)

    Fast service, Rx was right on, will order again next glasses!

  88. Robert Tagle (verified owner)

    My most recent order was processed in less than a week’s time…very satisfied as I am a returning customer. Love the New Double Segment Lenses in my Safety Glasses from the order before this one!

  89. Brent P. (verified owner)


  90. Ruben Barreto (verified owner)

    I was a bit confused about the process of adding new prescription to old frames, so I called your customer services and they were able to answer all my questions. Keep up the great job.

  91. John S. (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with my order and the fast service I received. Thank You.

  92. Robert M. (verified owner)

    The girls and comunication was outstanding and prices can’t be beat

  93. IRIS ROSARIO (verified owner)

    Great Price fast turn around. Super job!!

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