Prescription Safety Glasses with Inserts

While many of our prescription safety glasses feature lenses directly integrated into the frame, there are instances where special prescription inserts are required. These inserts sit between the front lens or shield and your eyes, offering a solution for certain styles that can’t accommodate direct prescription lenses.

Unlocking the Benefits of Prescription Safety Glasses with Inserts

Some designs, such as those featuring a single large shield or lens, cannot directly fit prescription lenses. In these cases, inserts are crucial for integrating your prescription into the eyewear. Let’s take a closer look at the good and not-so-good sides of this special type of eyewear.



Inserts allow for personalized prescriptions to be seamlessly integrated into a variety of safety glasses styles, ensuring optimal vision for individuals with specific visual needs.

Extended Protection:

Fogging can be a common issue with inserts due to the presence of two sets of lenses. To mitigate this, consider opting for anti-fog coatings on both the inner lenses and the shield itself. Additionally, anti-fog products can provide added protection.


Prescription inserts cater to diverse needs, including sports activities like skiing or motocross, as well as industrial settings where safety standards are paramount.

Reduced Weight:

Compared to traditional safety glasses with integrated prescription lenses, inserts can offer a lighter and more comfortable wearing experience, particularly for prolonged use.


In situations where multiple pairs of safety glasses are necessary for different tasks or environments, inserts provide a cost-effective solution by allowing the same frame to be used with interchangeable inserts.


Occasional Fogging:

The presence of two sets of lenses in inserts can lead to occasional fogging, particularly in high-humidity or temperature-changing environments, requiring occasional adjustments for clarity. However, this issue is manageable and does not significantly impair vision.

Maintenance Considerations:

Cleaning inserts may be more cumbersome compared to standalone lenses, requiring extra care and attention to ensure clarity and longevity.

Aesthetic Preferences:

Some individuals may have personal preferences regarding the appearance of safety glasses, favoring traditional styles over those with inserts. However, this is subjective and varies from person to person.

Limited Compatibility:

Not all safety glasses styles are compatible with inserts, limiting options for individuals with specific preferences or requirements.

Dependency on Inserts:

Individuals who rely on inserts may encounter occasional inconvenience if their inserts require replacement or maintenance. However, this aspect is typically manageable and does not significantly impact the usability of the eyewear.

Top Prescription Safety Glasses WITH RX INSERTS

If you’re looking for prescription safety glasses with inserts, here are the best options to choose from — all of which meet ANSI Z87 safety standards:

Built with durable TR-90 nylon, these goggles feature a foam gasket and adjustable strap for comfort. They include RX inserts to accommodate most prescriptions. ANSI Z87.1 and D3 approved.

With an adjustable strap and foam gasket, these wrap-around goggles ensure a secure fit. Made from TR-90 Nylon, they include RX inserts for most prescriptions. ANSI Z87+ approved for superior protection.

Crafted with TR-90 nylon, these lightweight glasses offer adjustable nose pads and temple bars for a comfortable fit. Available with RX inserts, they come in various lens colors. ANSI Z87+ high impact approved.


In summary, prescription safety glasses with inserts offer a tailored solution for individuals needing corrective lenses in various environments. While they provide versatility and customization benefits, potential challenges such as fogging and maintenance should be considered when evaluating their suitability for specific tasks or preferences. Ultimately, weighing the pros and cons can help individuals make informed decisions about their eyewear needs.

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