Top Bifocal Shooting Glasses

Wondering which bifocal glasses are the best for shooting?

The Best Bifocal Shooting Glasses

Shooting glasses are used for both safety and improvements in visual acuity and accuracy. Bifocal shooting glasses improve your shooting by allowing you to clearly see your sights and your target at the same time.

The top bifocal shooting glasses are set up to keep your sights in focus while looking through the bifocal section and keep your target in focus when looking through the standard area above the bifocal. For people who need reading glasses, the top portion (above the bifocal) needs to have no prescription strength. In other words, there should be regular clear lenses above the bifocal.

Here are the traits that make our bifocal safety glasses the top bifocal shooting glasses?

  • Low segment height. Our bifocal safety glasses have a low segment height, ensuring that the bifocal doesn’t get in the way of your target while allowing you to line up your sights.
  • Polycarbonate lens material. The highest impact resistance comes from this lens material. Your shooting glasses protect your eyes with polycarbonate lenses.
  • A clear view of your sights. Having a bifocal at your near vision power allows you to see your sights clearly and line them up precisely.
  • A clear view of your target. Look above the reading area and your distance vision is restored, making for the perfect combination of near and distance prescription.
  • Customization. Your bifocal shooting glasses should have a bifocal strength that is focused a little farther away than your traditional reading glasses since your sights are generally farther than you read from.

The top bifocal shooting glasses are online now, with extremely affordable price tags and options for strength and lens color.

Sick of battling blurriness in your sights or on the target? Not looking to spend hundreds of dollars on custom prescription shooting glasses? Our bifocal safety glasses are a great choice for improving your shooting and keeping your eyes safe.

If you have any questions about the top bifocal shooting glasses, give us a call or leave a comment below. Thanks for reading, and happy shooting!

  1. Jack Merkley says:

    cataract surgery in both eyes, distance vision 20/20, need reading glasses 2.0 magnification. target shooting 10-20 yards
    Can U recommend shooting glasses that will give me clear vision of the target and the iron sights. Thanks

  2. Jerry C says:

    i have a patient who shoots open sights (.22) approx 50 yrds away. Asking about a bifocal option for her plinking in her yard.
    rx -.50 -2.00 x 112 +1.50 add.
    she struggles picking up her open site & target “down range”

  3. Terry Smith says:

    Yes however I use a red dot sight, so I will need the right eye be pretty close, I had not thought about open sights.

  4. Tim says:

    Looking for Rx safety shooting glasses with top bifocals.

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