Cat Crap Anti Fog Lens Cleaner

Okay, it may be made by one of the strangest-sounding company names you’ll ever encounter, but this product certainly gets the job done. Cat Crap Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner is voted the number one anti-fog cleaner on the market. It’s safe for all lenses, plastic or glass, with any kind of coating, and effective for all kinds of vision-related gear: eyeglasses, ski goggles, safety glasses, swim goggles, binoculars, and helmet visors, to name but a few.

Cat Crap: A Funny Name, a Great Anti Fog Lens Cleaner

Application requires little effort. Cat Crap has a waxy consistency that makes it easy to rub on and rub off. Buff it a little, as you would a wax for your car finish; that’s all it takes to apply a coating that protects against lens fogging and repels dirt and dust build-up. This protective layer sticks around for quite a while, especially if you avoid handling your lenses. When it does wear off, another application restores all the anti-fog, anti-dust, anti-dirt properties. It’s that simple.

See what these satisfied customers had to say about Cat Crap Anti-Fog:

  • R.O. in Stamford, CT – “I just get a kick out of the name, but it really works. My shoei constantly fogs up in the winter time. I was pretty skeptical about this working but it did the trick. Just need to reapply it every few rides but no big deal to do.”
  • S.S. in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario – “It works great! I went into a heated greenhouse from a very cold outdoor temperature and they didn’t fog up even the slightest little bit! Worth its weight in gold!”
  • Andrew – “I have been using this on my motorcycle helmet for 7 years now. I have ridden in 17 degree weather and at a dead stop my helmet will stay clear of fog. I live in Seattle so rain and cold happen a lot and even in the rain it keeps my helmet from fogging up. Great product.”
  • Country Biscuit in Utah – “This stuff really works well! Just a small amount works best.”
  • JML – “I bought this product to treat my glasses that I need to wear under my paintball mask when I play. Wearing glasses under a mask when humidity, sweat, and respiration all conspire to make fog can be a chore, but this worked great for me. I wore my glasses under my mask in 80 degree heat, mild humidity, while breathing heavily and sweating away in the woods and fields. I saw clearly all day.”
  • Homer in Augusta, GA – “I’m a wild turkey hunter and for years hunting in the spring when it’s still cold and damp created fog on my eyeglasses to the point I couldn’t see. My wife bought me a little cup of Cat Crap five years ago. I am ordering my fourth one. It is great for my purpose and I’ve given it to my fellow turkey hunters. It is the best we’ve used. It lasts most of the day. I’ve found nothing that equals it.”

Consumer reports such as these testify to the effectiveness of Cat Crap Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner under real-world circumstances. My favorite one, from Sharon K. in Grass Valley, CA, is succinct yet really says it all: “We’ve used this product for a long time. Don’t care for the name much too much but the product does the job.”

  1. Thomas Parsons says:

    Can u usenon Maui Jim polarized lenses?

    • SanMartin says:

      Hi Thomas,

      You can use Cat Crap Anti Fog Lens Cleaner in all types of Eyeglasses and Sunglasses, even on polarized ones.

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