Prescription Safety Glasses for Small Faces

Do you struggle with eyewear constantly being too big for your face?

Small Faces and petite faces, what Prescription Safety Glasses will fit?

Prescription safety glasses come in a huge variety of sizes ranging from very small sizes for children up to sizes intended for adults with large faces. If you find that, on average, safety glasses are too large for your face, it’s a good idea to shop for prescription safety glasses for small faces as they’ll be more likely to fit you.

People with small faces should shop for safety glasses that are marked as for “narrow” faces and ones that are specifically marked for small faces. Our web site lists several styles that are specifically tailored to smaller and narrow faces. Many women (as well as men with smaller faces) find what they’re looking for in our collection.

If you’re looking for prescription safety glasses for small faces, here are some great styles to choose from:

Wiley X AirRage

This is a great model for smaller faces. This prescription safety frame comes with a removable facial cavity seal for motorcycle riding or to keep dust, debris, and sweat from getting under the lenses and into your eyes.

Wiley X P-17

This is another great pair of Wiley X prescription safety glasses for small faces. Like the AirRage, this model comes with a removable facial cavity seal.

Rx-Safety Model Rx-703

This model is great for those who are tall but still have a narrow face. The Model Rx-703 is a sleek and fashionable wraparound frame with a narrower fit and longer arms.

Rx-Safety Model Rx-206

The Model Rx-206 is a small-fit frame that is very popular among women and shorter men in industrial settings. The built-in side shields and removable dust dam ensure that nothing gets into your eyes. The dust dam blocks sweat and dust from falling into your eyes from above.

Rx-Safety Model 456

The Model 456 is a very popular free-form style wraparound frame that utilizes the latest in prescription eyewear technology. The lenses are semi-rimless, giving you enhanced peripheral vision, and the size is perfect for most women and small men.

Rx-Safety Model Rx-EGM

The Model Rx-EGM is a popular sports safety frame featuring a removable elastic strap for stability, extremely thick and soft rubber padding in the nose, and comfortable rubber padding in the arms. The end result is a frame that will stay comfortable after hours of use and is very unlikely to come off of your face.

If you’re in the market for a pair of safety glasses that’ll fit a smaller face, this array of frame options is sure to have a pair that will make you happy and safe.

Our Models Rx-206 and Rx-EGM are both especially good for those with high prescriptions and small faces. They can accommodate virtually any prescription strength while still offering enhanced side protection typical of wraparound frames.

If you have any questions about prescription safety glasses for small faces, or if you’d like some other ideas for frame styles, please give us a call or leave a comment below. Thanks for reading, and stay safe!

  1. How can’t I order? Can’t upload my prescription?

    • Melissa Richard says:

      Hi Diana. Please refer to our website to place your order for prescription safety glasses. There will be a spot through the order process where you can upload a copy of your prescription.

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