Polarized Clip On Flip Up Sunglasses for Prescription Glasses

If you wear corrective eyewear, you’re probably used to making concessions. There may be certain rides you’ll avoid at an amusement park. You’ll probably have difficulty fitting those movie theater 3-D glasses over your own glasses. And at some point you’ve probably admired a pair of polarized sunglasses on a drugstore rack or seen an interesting pair worn in a television commercial, and realized that they’re not for you, not unless you order a similar pair of prescription sunglasses for occasional use alongside your regular prescription glasses.

Clip-On Flip-Up Sunglasses with Polarization for Prescription Glasses

Well that’s one restriction you can easily cross off your list. With polarized flip-up clip-on sunglasses, you can quickly and easily convert your prescription lenses to sunglasses. Simply pinch the metal clip at the top, fit it over the bridge of your regular glasses, and there you go…instant sunglasses.

The hinged clip offers an additional benefit, allowing you to flip them up when not in use. Is the sun ducking in and out of the clouds while you’re outside? Hiding behind trees and or hills when you’re driving, only to pop out and blind you? Not a problem… simply flip up your clip-ons when the sun disappears and flip them back down when it reappears.

You’ll find a full line of quality D-Clips brand polarized clip-on flip-up sunglasses at Rx-Safety.com, all of them featuring:

  • Patented, all metal flip-up mechanism for durability and convenience in use.
  • Fully polarized lenses for superior contrast and the elimination of glare.
  • 100% UV protection.
  • Highly scratch resistant.
  • Vinyl clip coating system prevents slippage or scratching.

These handy items are so cost effective that you can pick up several pairs. Keep one at the office, one at home, and a pair in each car you drive. In addition the various styles available – designed to match the shape of your lenses – you can order polarized clip-on flip-up sunglasses in either brown or gray. Either one provides excellent light blockage and sharp contrast on bright, sunny days.

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