Prescription Shooting Glasses Suggestions, Please!

Finding a proper pair of prescription shooting glasses is a matter of examining your eyewear needs and the conditions under which you most often shoot. Can you benefit from bifocal lenses? Do you shoot outdoors or at an indoor range? Under harsh natural sunlight or under controlled artificial light?

Suggestions for Prescription Shooting Glasses

Obviously you’ll need to start with your prescription. Rx-Safety offers many different styles with many different options, so you won’t be limited in selection simply because you require corrective lenses. In addition to single-vision lenses, bifocals are also widely available. If you use bifocals during everyday activities, you’ll get the same benefit from them during shooting: up-close visual clarity as well as the ability to clearly see distant objects.

As for lens color, yellow is the most commonly used for shooting as it provides premium contrast between your target and its background. Yellow will filter light without darkening your field of vision. On bright, sunny days spent shooting outdoors, brown polarized lenses can be extra helpful in blocking the extra sunlight and reducing glare. If your glasses do not already feature anti-glare properties, an anti-glare coating is usually available and is very handy for any shooting activity. A scratch-resistant coating will also help keep your vision clear and prolong the lifespan of your new glasses.

The following safety glasses are specifically categorized as shooting glasses. They feature quality canary yellow glass lenses imported from Germany, are ANSI Z87.2 safety approved, and come standard with anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coatings. They’re recommended as your first stop in the hunt for your next pair:

Model 201 (#SG-201B-YLW)

  • Matte black, wraparound style nylon frame.
  • Rubberized temple inserts help keep them in place.
  • Soft-grip rubberized nose pads for extra comfort.

Model 55 (#SG-500-YLW)

  • High-quality gunmetal frame with spring hinges for flex comfort.
  • Features silicone nose pads for a comfortable, accurate fit.

Model 554 (#SG-554-YLW)

  • Metal frame has a polished gold color.
  • Features leopard burgundy earpieces.
  • Adjustable silicone nose pads ensure a comfortable fit.

Model 600 (#SG-600-YLW)

  • Metal frame in classic aviator style.
  • Standard antique gold frame color.
  • Features saddle nose bridge and silicone nose pads.

Model 808 (#SG-808B-YLW)

  • Unbreakable rubberized nylon frame in stylish polished black.
  • Sleek wraparound design for added protection.
  • Rubberized soft-grip nose pads and rubberized strip for no-slip comfort.

All of the above are available in either single vision or bifocal lenses, and any one can provide you with all the features you require from a pair of shooting glasses.

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