How to Know What Glasses Look Good on You


At RX-Safety, our customer care team loves to help our customers determine what glasses are the best choice for them. In fact, we believe that the answer to determining what kind of frame style looks best on you is staring you right in the face! That is to say that your face shape is your best indicator of what style of glasses is going to compliment you. Therefore, this is because the overall shape of your face is the best indicator of what styles and eyewear shapes work well or poorly for you. Read on to discover our RX-Safety method for choosing the perfect glasses for your face! 

Finding Which Glasses Look Good on You

Indeed, certain frames will complement the shape of your face while others can clash with it. The key is determining your basic face shape and finding out which frame style or styles work well with it. For some people, determining the exact contours of the face in a reflected image can be a bit difficult; if you have trouble figuring out your face shape, you might try examining a group photo and comparing your face shape with others in the picture. Or consider asking a friend or family member for a bit of objective advice. Additionally, there are charts online that help you determine which face shape you have.

Once you have done your research and determined that you know your basic face shape, a little bit of research will narrow down the best glasses choices that fit it. Read on below to discover seven common face shapes and the type of frames we recommend for them! 

Oblong (longer than it is wide, with fairly equal width at the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline) – Aviator frames or similar wide styles will shorten and widen the face. A low bridge will help to shorten the nose. 

Oval (softly rounded, well balanced with high cheekbones) – Almost any frame will look good on an oval face. Wider frames will preserve the natural oval shape. 

Heart (wider at the forehead, with high cheekbones and a narrow chin) – Frames that are wider at the bottom will work well, or rimless frames in light colors. 

Round (full and curved with few angles) – Rectangular styles work best to slim and lengthen the face. Also look for frames with temple accents or eye-drawing colors. 

Square (forehead and jaw line are equal in width, with an angular jaw) – Round and oval lens shapes, with frames that have a narrow width. 

Triangle (broader forehead that narrows to a sharp chin) – Frames that are wider at the bottom to minimize the forehead. Also, rimless and single-color designs. 

Diamond (small forehead, wider at cheekbones, narrowing at the chin) – Cat-eyes, ovals, or top-heavy frames with accents on the brow line will emphasize the cheekbones and highlight the eyes.

Additionally, please keep in mind and remember that certain factors, such as your hair style and commonly-worn hats or scarves, will alter the face’s shape and should be taken into consideration when choosing a frame. When you find the right one, however, you may be surprised at how dramatically eyewear frames can downplay certain features and highlight others. The above information can help you narrow down your choices, but feel free to experiment! Head to to chat with our customer care team further, or browse our complete collection of prescription safety glasses and prescription safety sunglasses. We have tons of options for men, women, and children of all ages!

  1. Ashley Turns says:

    I appreciate you letting us know that a heart-shaped face will look great with frames with a wider bottom. Since I’ve just learned I’ll be needing glasses, I have been wondering what kind would look best on me. Since I have a heart-shaped face, I will be sure to get some frames that are a lighter color.

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