What Are the Advantages of Free Form Progressive Lenses?

Free form progressive lenses are becoming more and more popular in eyewear today because of their maximized visual performance and their ability to be personalized for anyone who wears them.

What Are Free Form Progressive Lenses?

Free form lenses are the most popular type of high definition lenses and are made by free form technology that can allow you to achieve better optics.  Here is a comparison of standard versus free form lenses:

Standard Lenses: 

Standard lenses begin as a semi-finished premolded lens that already has the progressive design molded on the front surface.  In the manufacturing lab, the prescription will be generated on the back surface of the lens and the mold is not altered.

Free Form Lenses: 

Free form lenses are digitally made using software that calculates a person’s prescription along with many other factors such as pantoscopic tilt and frame fitting position.  This allows them to be customized to each individual patient, rather than using a premolded lens.

Free form technology is able to surface lenses in power increments of .01 diopeter, which allows precision in each pair for every unique prescription.   Optometrists prescribe in .25 diopter intervals and the human eye can only determine as small as .15 diopter intervals.  While this may seem insignificant, it should be noted that this accuracy is a huge selling point for many looking to purchase free form lenses.

What Are The Benefits of Free Form Progressive Lenses?

There are many reasons why people choose free form progressive lenses.  Here are only a few of the many benefits that free form progressive lenses have to offer:


Each lens is able to be custom-made to every unique prescription.  You can find trendy frames at places such as Rx-Safety and use free form technology to tailor to your prescription.

Improved visual clarity: 

Free form technology has increased visual performance in their lenses, allowing you to see better than ever before and at all distances.

Accommodate all types of prescriptions: 

Free form progressive lenses are able to accommodate all sorts of different prescriptions, including powerful prescriptions.  This makes wearing progressive no-line lenses much easier.

More attractive-looking

Because free form technology is able to accommodate even unusual prescriptions, many lens designers have created even more frame styles.

Who Should Purchase Free Form Progressive Lenses?

There has been a huge increase in the amount of people requesting free form progressive lenses and they can be a great choice for many.  If you have an unusual prescription, want to increase your visual clarity, or you are just not happy with your standard progressive lenses, it would be a good idea to consider giving free form progressive lenses a try.

  1. Blue Wolverine says:

    Can you get a Free Form Digital Bi-Focal lense without the line?

  2. Don Meier says:

    Where are free form lens available to me?
    Basin, Wy. 82410

    • rxsafety says:

      You should be able to ask any local optician to order them special for your. It will probably cost more money but they should be able to get them for you.

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