Nike Prescription Glasses – New Technology Every Outdoor Athlete Needs

If you’re an outdoor athlete and wear prescription eyeglasses, you know the challenges of trying to see, while doing what you love, better than anyone else. When you’ve had enough of inserting contacts just to go out and play or catching those ill-fitting sunglasses, then check out the latest technology in Nike prescription glasses.

Nike® and Transitions® have teamed up to present an impressive array of options for the outdoor athlete with Nike Max Transitions®. According to a Nike Vision press release, much of the benefit hinges on a fairly straightforward concept — color. The release states, “In different lighting situations, certain colors enhance vision better than others. Nike Max Transitions sunglasses feature…patented tints, engineered precisely to enhance the visual details of the natural environment encountered during specific sports and activities.” Below, we’ve presented information on the three current offerings to help you choose which is best for you.

Golf Tint

These lenses are designed to improve visibility on the course. According to Nike Vision, the violet lenses enhance critical details of the fairway and green, muting visual information you don’t need and amplifying the ball to help you track your shot.” And of course, as the light changes, the lenses adapt to the changing conditions.

Outdoor Tint

Trail runners and hikers alike will appreciate this feature. The technology dims the light and enhances shadows. What you’ll notice is increased visibility even in the spotty and constantly changing the lighting so typical on trails. This means improved safety for you, so you can focus on your goals and easily avoid tripping on dangerous irregularities along the trail.

 Speed Tint

If you run or bike on paved surfaces, you know about glare. But now you have a quality option to deal with it. The newest of the three, Nike Max Transitions® Speed Tint lenses are engineered to reflect the harshest light frequencies, blue light, while allowing in the less damaging red light frequencies.

You benefit by experiencing less eye fatigue and because not every moment of your activity will be filled with bright sunshine, these transition lenses quickly respond to cloudy conditions and lighten for increased visibility.

Even with these advanced technological features, none of this would matter without a great fit. Nike® prescription glasses come in a variety of styles specifically designed to ensure a comfortable fit, every time. Get started now and explore your options.

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