The Top 3 Ways On How To Tighten Plastic Frame Glasses

So, you’ve gone with the popular throwback to the Buddy Holly days and have finally caved in and purchased those plastic framed glasses. You look fantastic. People are constantly asking you if you’ve somehow become smarter. You smile and push your glasses up your nose. A month later you realize you’re having to push them up your nose even when you don’t want to bring attention to them. Here are three different ways on how to tighten plastic frame glasses:

1. Hot Water

No tools required at all for this method. To really make a lasting impression and to change the shape of the frame permanently, you have to use heat. It’s a really simple process. Put your glasses under hot water for about 15-25 seconds and once you can feel the warmth on the frames just add light pressure to the spot focused on and bend it. Light pressure is the key word here, plastic becomes pliable when warmed, but it can still break apart.

2. Hair Dryer

You’re probably sensing a theme here, but heat is imperative when adjusting plastic lenses. With this method, you use direct heat from the hair dryer for about 60 seconds. Once again, gentle pressure to avoid snapping or cracking.

3. Screwdriver

Sometimes tightening isn’t in regards to the shape of the frames. Screws can often affect the way a pair of glasses rests on your face. Be sure to check the screws. If they’re coming out or loose they will make the frames unstable causing them to sit crookedly on your face. The easy process of tightening these screws could solve all your problems.

Do you have different ways you’ve found to tighten your plastic frames? We’d love to hear about it! Contact us and give us your tips and tricks.

  1. Kimberly Evilsizer says:

    Thank you very much!!
    Very helpful!!

  2. Stephen Ryan says:

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Stephen Ryan says:

    There are step-by-step to tighten their glasses that for people have no a full kit containing professional tools. Step 1: Prepare a replacement. Step 2: Put it on a white and flat surface. Then, locate the position of the glasses’ screws like the previous method. Step 3: Align your glasses arms precisely with all the tips above. Step 4: Tighten the glasses’ screws. Step 5: Wear your glasses and check whether the screws are tightened enough.

  4. Sandra says:

    Maybe I missed it but which way do I turn the screw in arm of eyeglasses. Clockwise or counterclockwise? Or is each pair of eyeglasses different!

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