New Release Bolle Prescription Safety Glasses Reach Across the Spectrum From Military to Sports

The venerable French eyewear company Bolle started out as a hair-ornament concern in 1888, creating combs and other decorative items out of horn. Fashions changed, and the demand for elaborate hairstyles evaporated during the Roaring Twenties. Their focus shifted to sunglasses with the invention of celluloid in 1936, and in postwar 1946 Georges Bolle made the first pair of “cat-eye” sunglasses out of nylon. In 1960 Bolle got into the ski goggle business. Today Bolle manufactures top of the line glasses and goggles for a variety of uses–tactical, safety, and sport–but regardless of whether you’re buying them for form or for function, the state of the art technology that sets the brand apart is in every pair of Bolles manufactured.

Bolle remains the go-to brand for cutting edge technology and their newly released Bolle prescription safety glasses keep that reputation intact. 

Safety glasses encompass several sectors of eyewear, from military-grade, workplace, and sports lenses and frames or goggles. The latest from Bolle offers state of the art technology that continues to improve the field of vision, often better than contact lenses or surgery.

Chronosoft Tactical

Bolle Chronosoft Tactical are the goggles of choice for extreme conditions., that include firefighting and military use. They provide a double ballistic-lensed, heat and fog resistant comfort frame that provides a panoramic vision field. The frame and lens screen carry their respective technical markings, but the following are some of the protective standards Chronosoft Tactical goggles deliver.

STANAG 2920 ballistic resistance means the goggles are compliant with NATO standards that require lens screen resistance of a .22 caliber steel cylinder. The outer lens meets this test.

Chemical Resistance

Sealed goggles provide gas and fine chemical dust and protection <5 microns. The seal is required for this level of safety. They protect against >5 microns of large dust particles without the seal, and the goggles can be modified with a face shield or safety strap to repel liquid drops or splashes.

Mechanical Risk

The lenses screen resists at medium impact, or a 6 mm, .086 ball at 120 m/s. Models with the letter T following the mechanical strength symbol (example BT9), allows for use with high speed particles at very high temperatures.

UV and Thermic Risk

Bolle Chronosoft screens protect against ultraviolet radiation, which is prevalent in mercury vapor, germicides, and actinic. A marking of “9” on the lens screen indicates a defense against droplets, extreme temperature solids, molten metals or intense radiation. Lenses are available in clear, green, blue, or yellow, and a “C” code ensures accurate color recognition.


Equalizer is the technology that allows for moisture filtration within the goggles for the inner lens to repel fogging and maintain adequate humidity to avoid dryness. There is also an anti-scratch coating that ensures unobstructed vision by providing a shield over the lenses.

Focus on the Game

NBA star Tony Parker, who’s a native of France, has partnered with Bolle to create a line of safety eyewear for young athletes. This new line of prescription glasses and goggles, called Focus on the Game, features several technologies to keep young eyes and heads safe and high-performing.

SAS Shock Absorption

This new technology combines a hard component for impact resistance and a soft component for impact absorption, creating a frame that just doesn’t hurt when you get hit. They do not use chemical bonding agents in the process, providing the added bonus that allergic reactions are rare.

Platinum and Polycarbonate

The same platinum coating used on military-lenses is put on these lenses, providing a strong anti-scratch and anti-fog shield for clear vision and improved peewee performance. A new polycarbonate composite for the frames adds more flexibility, adjustability, and ergonomic fit for growing heads.

Bolle manufactures lenses and frames for any vision need without scrimping on quality, whether you are buying for extreme conditions or for everyday sunglasses or spectacles. Please contact us for more information on ordering Bolle eyewear.

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