So You Want To Know What Lens Color Is Best For Sunglasses?

You’re running late for work. You jump in your car and the sun shines directly into your windshield. You search around for your sunglasses. When you finally find them, they are in pieces. You’re not that disappointed because they didn’t really do the job. Now you have an excuse to buy a new pair of sunglasses, but you want to do it right this time. You know the best style for you. What you’re left trying to figure out is what lens color is best for sunglasses. Here are the four most common colors:

1. Gray

This is the most common color you’ll see with sunglasses. This color works for pretty much any weather condition except for those bright, snowy days. Gray is the general purpose lens of the sunglass world and particularly good with the reflection off the water.

2. Brown/Tan

This color excels in sunny and partly cloudy conditions, but any other type of weather may give you a bit of trouble. The depth perception is a stand out feature of this type of lens. You’ll see this color is the most popular at the shooting range.

3. American Green G-15 Ray-Ban Color

This lens is optimized for clarity. It also has a high color contrast. With these features, it gives the wearer a natural vision. This is also a general purpose lens that will cover you on a daily basis.

4. Green

Green is up there next to gray with the general purpose use. It’s good for just about any weather condition except for snow, just like gray. The big difference is it’s not used a lot for driving. Its strength is the contrast it provides in situations of low-lighting.

Each of these has different functions so it’s really not that there is a universal lens color that will do the job for everyone. That’s why there are options and the four best options are listed above.

Do you think a different color belongs on this list? Contact us with the lens color that works best for you.

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