Wearing Eyeglasses For The First Time: The Adjustment Period

For many people, they can pick up their pair of eyeglasses at their eye doctor’s office and eventually get adjusted to them. Sometimes people will have a hard time getting used to their eyeglasses after leaving their eye doctor because they cannot adjust to the prescription that has been written by their doctor.

You can look at an eyeglass prescription as something similar to a pill that has been prescribed by a medical doctor. Many people suffer from side effects after being given a different prescription by a doctor. So, eyeglass lenses can certainly have different side effects.

There are various reasons why a person’s eyeglass prescription may not work for him or her.


Many people who have various health conditions like glaucoma or cataracts may not truly know the impact of adjusting to eyeglasses until it is time for a new pair of eyeglasses.

Eye doctors may tell patients about the varying effects of eyeglasses and how it can take some time to adjust, but you will not really know the impact until you try to wear eyeglasses that cause you problems.

Some people who have vision problems may assume that eyeglasses will fix the problems and they will be able to see everything clearly. This is why some people are not prepared for the impact that eyeglasses can have on them. When the eyeglasses are not helping them, they may experience a variety of emotions.

There are various reasons why it can be difficult for someone to adjust to new eyeglass lenses, including the following information:

  • health problems
  • stress
  • family problems

A Change In Your Prescription

When your prescription has been changed in a major way, this can be a major cause of the inability to adjust to a new prescription. Sometimes the strength of your lenses will need to be adjusted and cut so you can better adapt to the lenses.

If your prescription needs to be changed at any time, you can have it changed later so your vision can be improved. Sometimes the amount of strength in lenses can be too much for some people to handle.

Your Eyeglass Frames

When people are wearing glasses for the first time, sometimes the edges of the frames can bother them because they are not accustomed to the feeling. They may feel as if they are being trapped within their glasses. This is why some people choose eyeglasses that do not have any rims.

We understand it can be difficult to adjust to new frames. Sometimes the fix is simple and sometimes it can be more than a simple prescription change. A large number of people can quickly adapt to their new glasses, but others have serious problems adjusting to the glasses. This is why it is important to speak with your eye doctor when you think the problem is serious.

Everyone adapts to change differently and it can take others longer to adjust to a new pair of eyeglasses. Eyeglass wearers who are children and in their 20s can probably adjust to eyeglasses longer than others who are older.

The effects of wearing glasses for the first time are common, and you will not be the first or last person to experience difficulties adjusting to your new prescription. Sometimes it can take a little effort, time, and patience to help yourself get adjusted to the glasses.

It can be difficult to hang in there, especially when you feel as if you will never adjust to wearing glasses. You should not give up. If you think the only problem is that you need to adjust to them, you should try doing various activities while wearing the glasses so you will adapt. If the problem is more concerning, you should not hesitate to contact your eye doctor.

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