How To Apply Stick On Bifocals?

Appling Stick On Bifocals?

We know you have a pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses that you just absolutely love, right? You know, that pair of glasses that you never want to leave home without because you can’t function without them.

Even though you love those glasses so much, you are realizing that you need something more. You need either bifocals or sunglasses that are good for reading, but you do not want to replace your favorite pair of glasses. Thankfully, stick-on bifocals exist.

If you are currently wearing nearsighted glasses, you can use the stick-on lenses to make your own bifocals. You can even apply stick-on bifocals to your pair of sunglasses to turn them into reading glasses.

One of the problems that many people have with stick-on bifocals is that they do not always know how to apply the stick-on bifocals. We want to give you some tips and advice on how you should apply the stick-on lenses:

  • Find out what type of prescription you are going to need for the lenses.
  • Before doing anything with your lenses, you should make sure your hands are washed thoroughly.
  • Clean all sides of your glasses with warm water. You should definitely make sure the water is clean. Do not use any type of soap.
  • Determine how you should place the lenses on the glasses.
  • When you are placing the lenses on the glasses, you should make sure the lenses are being placed in a spot so the curve is close to the bottom of your eyeglass frame.
  • If there is still water on your lenses, you can clean the water with a dry towel.
  • Give your glasses time to dry. Although you may want to let them dry for a couple of hours, it will probably be best for you to let them sit overnight and put them on the next morning.

Stick-on lenses are great because you will not have to carry separate pairs of eyeglasses for different purposes. When you put on stick-on bifocal lenses, you will not have to worry about carrying different pairs of eyeglass cases and eyeglasses with you wherever you go.

You can convert any type of glasses into a pair of reading glasses. Even the smallest word print will be clear to you when your stick-on bifocal lenses are placed on your glasses. If you are not sold on stick-on bifocals, here are some benefits you will witness when wearing these lenses:

  • You will get a great amount of clarity when you need to read or see objects at a close distance.
  • You do not have to throw them away after using them. You can use them again.
  • You will be able to change the shape of the bifocals by using a pair of scissors.
  • The lenses will not leave any stains on your glasses when you put them on.
  • The glasses will not look any different from a regular pair of bifocals.
  • These stick-on bifocals are not as expensive as the regular bifocals that people wear, but this does not mean they do not look good. These lenses will look just as good as the bifocals you would get at an eyeglass store.
  • These glasses are designed for a variety of eyewear.

These bifocal lenses will come in a variety of strengths, just like any pair of regular reading glasses. In order for you to decide what type of prescription you need, you should make sure your eyes have been checked and you will choose the right strength.

Are you are interested in stick-on bifocals, but you have concerns about applying the lenses the right way? Contact us for more information.

  1. michael horace minyard says:

    i need glasses with lenses @ 1.25 power for tv watching/driving and with 2.75 bifocal for reading. any suggestions? mike

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