You Will Not Be Disappointed When Wearing Prescription Wiley X Glasses


Quality prescription eyeglasses can be far and few. But when it comes to your eyes, you definitely want to ensure you’re getting the ultimate care. So what do you do? Well that’s exactly where Wiley X comes in. 

Wiley X is one of the leaders in protective eyewear. Not only are these glasses used by those in the military, but they’re also used for those who love hunting, biking, motorcycle riding, fishing, and other activities where safety eyewear is important.

So if you’re looking for performative prescription glasses–whether sunglasses or safety eyewear, for example–Wiley X is the brand to know.

So let’s explore the brand a bit. We’ll also go into staple features that can be found in many Wiley X glasses, as well as additional advantages and why you should shop at RX Safety.

So keep reading to gain insight about the full Wiley X experience.

A brand of excellence

Wiley X makes a wide range of performative eyewear. So whether you’re doing tactical mission or have an active lifestyle, you can be sure to have optical excellence when choosing this brand.

Wiley X is defined by research and innovative technology. In fact, an extreme amount of testing and research has been done by those in the field as well as experts in the industry. That being said, if you need prescription glasses and work in an environment or take part in activities that need a high-level of eye protection, prescription Wiley X glasses are a great compliment.

Eyewear staples

Outstanding Quality

A quality pair of prescription glasses can definitely make a huge difference when it comes to your productivity and efficiency in the workplace. You want something you can rely on with each wear, something you would have no time to question. Prescription Wiley X glasses are made with outstanding materials and intentionality, making them perfect for any environment.

Prescription Accommobility 

Finding safety glasses that have the capability to accommodate your prescription can certainly be a challenge. This is especially true if you have a strong prescription because you’ll need frames that have the ability to fit thick lenses. 

There are various models of Wiley X glasses that allow strong prescription lenses to fit into the glasses. This is especially great for those people who love Wiley X glasses and have to wear prescriptions.

Superior Ease and Comfortability 

Anyone who has to wear glasses, whether safety glasses or sunglasses, can attest to the discomfort that can easily occur. Wiley X prescription glasses are so simple to wear and feature a high level of comfort. Not only does this allow you to focus on the moments at hand without added distractions, but you can often feel like you aren’t wearing glasses at all–a win-win. 

Unmatched technology 

Wiley X technology is unbeatable, as it continues to improve and evolve the very nature of optics themselves. Prescription Wiley X glasses are not only designed with the highest level of intentionality, but the lens technology is unbeatable as well. For instance, Wiley X lens Chromance technology offers enhanced colors and contrast, as well as superior definition and details. 

Rigorous Safety Standards 

Wiley X glasses do more than meet safety standards, these glasses exceed them to a high degree. Wiley X offers ANSI Z87+ certifications on many of their frames, as well as meeting ballistic standards for others. They are highly effective at protecting you from flying objects and debris while you are taking care of the things that matter most, offering a high degree of protection. 

Sophisticated design 

Wearing safety glasses doesn’t mean you have to wear those dull and boring glasses–you can be stylish while ensuring your eyes are protected. So whether classic square frames or wrap around styles, you can be sure to get a variety in your safety and sunglasses with Wiley X.

Additional Wiley X Advantages

Because Wiley X was inspired by tactical aspects, there are a variety of highly protective aspects in some of their safety and sunglasses. 

For instance, some Wiley X glasses offer advanced anti-fog technology. They’ll do a great job of allowing ventilation to get in, while also making sure you don’t have to worry about your glasses fogging up, as obscured vision can be extremely dangerous. 

Another benefit is the materials that you will find on some Wiley X glasses, like their foam features, for instance. Not only will they provide an extreme level of comfortability, but they provide a secure fit to ensure your eyewear remains on your face during the toughest moments. 

Wiley X available now 

As an official distributor of Wiley X, you can get the latest advanced styles with us at an affordable price. We also offer an array of lens colors and coating options to enhance your Wiley X experience and ensure the best visuals possible.

So feel free to contact us.Our customer service representatives are available to assist you to get your Wiley X prescription glasses today.

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