Why you can’t go wrong with Wiley X prescription eyewear

Finding new prescription eyewear can easily end up being a complicated search. There are countless options to choose from and because you’ll want the best for your eyes, you’ll want to ensure great quality.

That’s where Wiley X comes in. A leader in performative eyewear, Wiley X prescription glasses offer you the advantages you need for optical precision. With superior quality, lens technology, and polished designs, you’re always making the right choice for your eyes when choosing this brand.

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About Wiley X

A family owned brand, Wiley X is a veteran-founded company. This background became the pulse of the brand and tactical eyewear was developed for military, first responders, and others with the duty to serve in active lifestyles.  

For more than two decades Wiley X has been providing solutions for optical enhancements in eyewear products. Even today, a wide range of individuals from military to everyday individuals experience enhanced and pristine vision for life’s day to day moments with Wiley X. 

Wiley X at RX Safety 

RX Safety proudly carries Wiley X prescription sunglasses and safety glasses. Not only are these glasses highly performative, but they meet extensive industry standards and are ANSI Z87-2+ approved for superior protection. Some styles are so protective that they meet military guidelines as well. 

Wiley X also offers enhanced lens technology. They are extremely advanced and provide crisp, clear, and safe visuals. Wiley X lenses also work to give definition and enhance colors and contrasts that transform the ordinary visual experience. 

Wiley X offers high quality materials that provide durability and also provide unmatched designs with a sophisticated approach. And because we are an official distributor, you get a variety of options at your disposal. 

Shop Wiley X with us

RX Safety offers affordable Wiley X styles, a unique advantage of shopping with us. We also offer a wide variety of materials and lens colors and coating options to make you both look and feel confident. 

If you contact our customer service representatives they can provide you with assistance and help with any questions you may have. They are available online and by phone and are highly experienced in the products that we offer.  

So feel free to contact us as there’s no need for extensive searching–you can get your Wiley X sunglasses and safety eyewear with us today. 

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