How Nike Prescription Sunglasses Can Help Keep You Looking Young

Few adults want to look older than their years. Although many young adults are unconcerned about losing their youthful appearance, they too will reach a point in their lives where their attitude changes. How do Nike prescription sunglasses fit into this? In two ways. First, there’s no denying how your choice of attire affects your physical attractiveness. Clean and good fitting clothing that is color coordinated and stylish has an amazing effect on how people perceive your attractiveness and your youth.

Nike Valiant sunglasses in Wolf Gray Frame with Blue Lens, Angled to the Left Side, NI-CW4642-012


Prescription glasses and sunglasses are also a part of your wardrobe, and your choice of style profoundly affects the perceptions of others. The reason is that your face and especially the eyes get the most attention when others interact with you. A great looking pair of glasses can dramatically affect your appearance in a positive way. The right attire makes women look more elegant as they age and men more dapper and distinguished. Of course, choosing the right attire, including eyewear, does require some skill. If you have any doubts about the effect of attire, simply compare, side by side, a well dressed older person with another who is poorly dressed, poorly groomed and lacks good personal hygiene.

How Nike Prescription Sunglasses Preserve Youthful Eyes

The second way that Nike prescription sunglasses preserve youthful appearance is that they prevent premature aging of the skin around the eyes. It’s a medical fact that ultraviolet light changes the skin in ways that make people look older than their years. A striking example of this effect is shown in this photo of a truck driver whose face, over a period of 28 years, received unequal amounts of UV radiation. The left side of his face clearly looks more aged than the right. This is due to the left side of his face getting UV exposure from the left side window while driving his truck.

Unlike the windshield, side windows only block UVB radiation but allow UVA to pass through. Ultraviolet light has two types: UVB and UVA. UVB causes sunburn but doesn’t penetrate very deeply into the skin and has a limited ability to penetrate through clouds. UVA doesn’t cause sunburn but penetrates the skin tissues more deeply and easily penetrates cloud cover.

UVA takes longer to affect the skin and eyes, but can cause many skin and eye problems including cancer. Understand that UVA is always present every day of the year regardless of the weather or altitude. If there’s enough daylight for you to see, UVA is bombarding your skin and eyes. In any case, the dramatic aging of the left side of the trucker’s face is caused by chronic UVA exposure.

This premature aging effect is actually cumulative UVA skin damage. UVA breaks down collagen in the skin. Collagen gives skin its soft, resilient appearance. It makes skin elastic and accounts for most of the difference in appearance between youthful and old skin. Collagen prevents gravity from causing sagging in the skin over the years. In addition to breaking down collagen, UVA causes the fine wrinkles that appear around the eyes. It causes dark age spots, freckles, a general darkening around the eyes, and a crusty, scaly growth called actinic keratosis.

Avoiding premature aging around the eyes, skin cancer, and eye problems such as cataracts and macular degeneration requires consistent UV protection every day when outdoors. You can either wear Nike prescription sunglasses (with 100% UV protection) when you’re outdoors, or you can wear Nike prescription glasses with a lens material that naturally blocks all UV light. Two such materials are polycarbonate and Trivex. A UV blocking lens coating is another option. The benefit of this approach is that you don’t have to remember to put on special sunglasses when going outdoors. These glasses should be large enough to cover the area around the eyes.

Of course, you should protect the rest of your skin with clothing that blocks UV. Wear a hat that shades the rest of your face. Alternatively, you can cover exposed skin with a sunscreen that has an SPF of 15 or higher. Remember that this includes days with cloud cover. For more information about protecting your eyes and surrounding skin from the effects of UV with Nike prescription glasses and sunglasses, contact us.

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