How to Extend the Life of Your Prescription Wiley X Glasses: A 10-Step Guide

The importance of preventive maintenance in caring for your prescription Wiley X glasses cannot be overstated. Failure to make maintenance a top priority can interfere with your safety and visual acuity. By adopting a proactive approach to caring for your eyewear, you can get the most out of your investment and extend the life of your Wiley X glasses for years. Below is a look at the key role that maintenance plays in preserving your glasses and a 10-step guide to properly caring for your prescription Wiley X glasses.  

Why Should You Have a Maintenance Plan for Your Prescription Wiley X Glasses? 

Prescription Wiley X glasses are known for their outstanding durability and stylish appearance. Bearing a scratch resistant lens surface and frames that are virtually indestructable, Wiley X glasses are designed to last for years. However, failure to properly maintain your Wiley X eyewear can result in dirty, damaged, or ill-fitting glasses that can actually detract from your safety. The top three reasons why you should properly maintain your prescription Wiley X glasses are as follows:

  • Damaged or dirty Wiley X glasses can pose a threat to your safety
  • Dirty or poor fitting glasses can impede your performance and accuracy
  • Sharp, properly maintained prescription Wiley X glasses can enhance your style

10 Steps to Properly Maintaining Your Prescription Wiley X Glasses 

Clearly, eyeglass maintenance is vital to your safety and visual acuity. Additionally, regular maintenance can preserve the sharp appearance of your glasses. Below are ten steps to help you extend the life of your prescription Wiley X glasses.

Make a firm commitment to proactively care for your glasses.

The path to beautifully maintained prescription Wiley X glasses begins with your commitment to proactive care. Rather than taking a reactive approach and waiting for problems to develop or worsen, resign yourself to a proactive approach by being on the lookout for flaws and debris. Three ways to develop a proactive approach to caring for your Wiley X glasses are as follows:

  • Tend to tend to small problems with your glasses as soon as they arise
  • View your Wiley X glasses as an investment that you must protect
  • Make caring for your glasses a part of your daily routine

Establish a daily maintenance regimen for your prescription Wiley X glasses.

Developing an ongoing daily maintenance routine is one of the best steps you can take to protecting your Wiley X glasses. Get into the habit of making sure that your glasses are sparkling clean before you start your day and before you place them in their storage container in the evening. Make sure you keep some spare microfiber cloths in your pocket, purse, or car in case on the spot cleaning is required.

Make cleaning your lenses and frames a top priority.

Eyeglasses can be magnets for oil, airborne particles, and water. Regular cleaning is therefore essential to ensuring that your prescription Wiley X glasses can properly protect your eyes and improve your vision. The frequency with which you should clean your glasses will depend upon the following factors:

  • The nature of your profession (degree of exposure to dust, debris and moisture)
  • Your level of exposure to weather elements, such as rain, snow, or humidity
  • The frequency with which your glasses come into contact with skin and clothing

Keep the proper cleaning supplies on hand.

The first step to properly cleaning your glasses is to undertake the cleaning process in a clutter-free location with your tools at arm’s length. Fortunately, people who wear prescription Wiley glasses can usually clean their glasses using supplies they already have on hand at home. Key supplies include the following:

You can thoroughly clean your prescription Wiley X glasses by first rinsing them with lukewarm water and then applying a drop or two of lotion-free liquid soap. By gently rubbing your glasses with the soapy mixture, you can remove debris and oil. Make sure you thoroughly rinse your glasses before drying them. Finally, make sure that you choose a clean, lint-free cloth for drying your glasses.

Invest in a repair kit for your glasses.

Damage, breakage and loose components seem to surface at the most unpredictable times. Failure to quickly address loose or missing components can impede your safety. You can be prepared to address common types of damage by investing in an eyeglass repair kit. Eyeglass repair kits cost less than $10.00 and enable you to repair your prescription Wiley X glasses anytime from any location. Repair kits are typically small and portable and usually feature the following components:

  • High qualty stainless steel screws
  • A special screwdriver
  • Extra long feeder tabs on screws to facilitate repairs

Keep a stash of spare parts and accessories on hand.

Maintaining a small stockpile of spare parts for your prescription Wiley X glasses enables you to quickly replace worn or broken components. Eyeglass components that may require spur of the moment replacement include the following:

  • Dust bars
  • Frame components, such as temples
  • Nose pads
  • Side shields
  • Eyeglass bridges
  • Replacement screws

Learn common maintenance mistakes and take steps to avoid them.

Avoiding eyewear maintenance pitfalls should be a vital part of your proactive approach to caring for your prescription Wiley X glasses. Here are a few of the most common mistakes and bad habits:

  • Continuing to wear glasses that are loose fitting
  • Failing to properly store Wiley X glasses in a secure case
  • Cleaning eyeglasses with a dirty cloth or one that produces lint
  • Carelessly leaving your glasses sitting on sinks and counters where they can be exposed to debris

Give your prescription Wiley X glasses a thorough inspection at least once a month.

Your daily maintenance routine will be the most successful if you complement it with a monthy comprehensive inspection of your glasses. Your thorough inspection should go beyond basic cleaning to scan for the following:

  • Loose components such as screws and nose pads
  • The presence of deep scratches that may interfere with your vision
  • An overall fit that is too loose

Maintain annual eyecare appointments.

While your prescription Wiley X glasses may give you the peace of mind that you are effectively shielding your eyes from debris and harsh weather conditions, they are not a substitute for regular eyecare appointments. Make sure to visit a trusted eyecare professional at least once per year to screen for glaucoma and other serious eye problems.

Know when replacement is your best option.

Sometimes superb maintenance and expert repair services are not enough to salvage your prescription Wiley X glasses. Or, you may be facing a host of new safety threats that requires a new style of Wiley X glasses. Here are a few situations in which a new pair of prescription Wiley X glasses may be warranted:

  • You lost your current pair of glasses and have been unable to find them
  • Your existing glasses contain irreparable scratches or damage
  • You are starting a new job that requires a completely different style of glasses

Enlisting the Guidance of a Trained Safety Eyewear Professional

The best way to preserve your Wiley X glasses is to seek the expertise of a leader in the safety eyewear industry. We invite you to contact us to learn more about the importance of maintaining your Wiley X glasses. Our team of eyewear experts has the tools and resources to help you keep your prescription Wiley X glasses in mint condition. We look forward to helping you extend the life of your eyewear!

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