The Top 7 Nike Prescription Glasses With Raving Reviews

What is the best way to know you are getting a great, high-quality product? By listening to what other people have to say about it. If others who wear prescription glasses have worn a certain type or brand before and speak highly of it, it is a good indication that you are making not only a safe but a wise investment. Simply by reading reviews or asking others what they think about something you can get a good idea of whether or not the glasses are right for you. In this post, we will take a look at the top seven Nike prescription glasses that have gotten excellent ratings and rave reviews.

Blow are the top-rated Nike Prescription Glasses.

Nike 7034 Matte Anthracite/Rage Green:

If you want something that is ultra-sleek and stylish, you go for the Nike 7034 Matte Black prescription glasses. But a fashionable edge isn’t the only thing that these glasses have to offer; these affordable men’s glasses by Nike offer different lens options including reading (single), distance (single), and bifocal. They come with an anti-reflective coating and durable materials that construct the frame and lenses. For anyone who wants lens color options, Nike offers an impressive selection with these Matte Black glasses.

Nike 7070/3:

Like the Nike 7034 Matte Anthracite/Rage Green prescription glasses, the Nike 7070/3 glasses are trendy and super stylish with many other attractive, yet practical features. One of the top benefits that people who have worn these glasses before rave about is the comfort level of these glasses and how lightweight they are. This makes these glasses a great option for anyone who doesn’t want to wear something that is heavy or irritating on their face all day. Similarly to the Nike 7034 Matte Anthracite/Rage Green prescription glasses, these glasses offer lenses to accommodate those with reading, distance, or bifocal needs.

These multi-functional, unisex glasses are a highly suitable choice for anyone from the avid reader who will spend a lot of time indoors looking at print text or computer screens as well as the active outdoors person. These Nike glasses are also scratch-resistant and though they are made with lightweight frames, they are extremely durable.

Nike 5092 Dark Grey:

Though these glasses are only designed for kids, it is important to list this 5-star option because, of course, kids need glasses too! And because kids are kids, they need lenses that are comfortable, lightweight, and won’t irritate them but that are also extremely durable because they are active, after all. The bright, colorful frames also make these Nike glasses an appealing option for kids and the scratch-resistant frames allow parents to rest easy knowing their kids have high-quality eyewear that will last for a long time. Like the previous Nike prescription glasses, this affordable eyewear option offers lenses for those who are nearsighted, farsighted, and in need of bifocal or progressive lenses.

Nike Eyeglasses 8179 Satin Navy:

These brown and green glasses are extremely popular among men and offer practicality and functionality above all else. You can get customized lenses with these 5-star rated glasses to fit your prescription needs. Although this eyewear option is quite affordable, it is one of the most high-quality products on the market. They come with UV protection coating, anti-reflective coating, and an anti-scratch coating. On top of that, they also come with a two-year warranty on the lenses and a 100% RX accuracy guarantee. And the added perk (as if these glasses could get any better)? They also come with a free cleaning kit to keep your lenses clear and your visibility optimized.

Nike 8098 Eyeglasses:

Another extremely sporty option are the Nike 5513 Eyeglasses, designed to offer multiple benefits and attractive features including style, functionality, and durability. The blue color gives off an even more athletic edge and is a great product, especially beloved by highly active men, women, and children. Like other kinds of Nike eyewear, these frames are practically weightless and allow a person to wear them all day long and barely even notice they are there. The frames are designed to be compatible with any type of customized lens, meaning everyone can wear them whether they require bifocal, nearsighted, or farsighted lenses.

Nike 5532 Children’s Eyeglasses:

Another popular eyewear choice for children is the Nike 5532 Children’s Eyeglasses. Their frames are highly appealing thanks to their bright, multi-colored appearance and their lenses can be customized for any prescription need. These glasses also come with an anti-reflective coating and scratch-resistance so they are especially suitable for active children who spend a lot of time participating in sports or playing outside. The frames are incredibly sturdy and will last for a long time with proper care, yet they are light enough to make them barely noticeable to children wearing them.

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