10 Types of Sports that can Benefit From Prescription Sport Sunglasses

If you’re playing any type of sport, you have to be able to see clearly. But at the same time, that ability is more important in some disciplines than others. As you prepare to gear up for a season full of outdoor activity, you might be wondering just what type of equipment you need to succeed and win your competition.

Of course, that question can be complicated by the simple fact that you need a prescription. If you have perfect vision, you will only need glasses for sun protection. But what if, due to your eyesight, you need to consider your prescription as well as the sun?

It’s not as problematic as you might think. In fact, you can still find the right type of eyewear regardless of what your exact needs are. That matters in some sports more than others; if you plan on playing one of the ten below disciplines, it makes perfect sense to look for the best prescription sports sunglasses.

1) Soccer

Imagine running at full speed to chase something you can’t actually see. Soccer deals with the simultaneous problem of having to see clearly, and potentially looking almost straight into the sun to do so. Prescription sunglasses and goggles are valuable for any position on the field, but become especially important for goalies. Reaction times are within fractions of seconds, which is only possible if you have perfect vision and protection from sun glare.

2) Tennis

Take everything mentioned for soccer above, and multiply it. Tennis balls are faster, and tend to be higher up in the air than their larger counterparts. What’s more, you often have to look up to actually catch them. A comfortable, high-performance pair of glasses can help you easily track the ball and serve, volley, or backhand to its full potential. In fact, they might just be the competitive advantage you need to beat your counterpart in straight sets.

3) Baseball and Softball

America’s past time, along with its more casual counterpart, absolutely require the right type of eyewear. Imagine fielding a ball in the outfield, having to look up after the hitter pops it up, and not being able to track it. A quick out turns into a single or double. Conversely, hitting can be difficult if the pitcher faces just the wrong way. With prescription sunglasses, neither is much of a problem.

4) Skiing and Snowboarding

Switching gears for a minute. There are, of course, plenty of places in the continental United States as well as abroad where skiing and snowboarding is possible even in the midst of summer. And for that process to happen, prescription sunglasses are absolutely crucial. The snow tends to reflect light, making it brighter and more difficult to see. Only the right eyewear can ensure clear vision.

5) Fishing

Similar to snow, the sun can easily reflect off water on sunny days. The resulting glare can make it difficult to spot fish, and find out where to cast your line. For casual fishing, that becomes an annoying side effect. But if you fish competitively, that problem is even more significant. Prescription sunglasses, on the other hand, allow you to find the right spots at the right time for an increased chance of success.

6) Golf

Hitting the links, but looking for a competitive edge? Sports prescription sunglasses might just be able to provide that edge for you. Spotting the right angles, and finding just the right shot, requires as much strategy and practice as anything else. But if you cannot see clearly, none of that strategy and preparation matters much. For the millions of casual and competitive golfers this summer, prescription eyewear with added sun protection could be the key to success.

7) Beach Volleyball

You might be familiar with beach volleyball from the latest Olympic Games, or you might actually play competitively yourself. Either way, it’s easy to agree: this is the outdoor sports disciplines in which sunglasses tend to be most common. It’s difficult to find a player that’s not wearing them. That’s because it’s played in good weather, and the light sun can increase brightness even further. Constant looking up only makes the problem worse. Even if you just want to try it out, you absolutely need prescription sunglasses for a good round of beach volleyball.

8) Bicycling

As the sun starts to come out on a more reliable basis in most of the United States, we’re once again beginning to see bicyclists lining the streets. And for good reason: it’s one of the best ways available to blow off steam without having to organize an entire team to play competitively. These cyclists may never enter the Tour de France, but that doesn’t mean they can strive for personal best times. And when they do, the eyewear they wear will be crucial in both enjoying and besting their time on two wheels.

9) Running

Take all of the above points about bicycling, and multiply them. In that way, sunglasses for running are even more crucial if you plan to spend some time improving your mile time outside. Running helps countless people find their zen spot – it’s a calming workout that exhausts you as much as it centers your thoughts. But that can only be possible if you actually enjoy the time you spend jogging or running through the neighborhood or park. Prescription sunglasses help you enjoy your surroundings even as you engage in cardio activity.

10) Track and Field

Finally, track and field is another discipline in which prescription glasses matter. That’s true almost regardless of the individual discipline within this category. In high jump, for instance, you have to be able to see exactly where your measuring stick hangs as you try to best your personal marks. Similarly, running the hurdles requires precision and care in jumping at just the right spot, which can only be possible if you see clearly. With prescription sunglasses, of course, you can accomplish that feat.

How to Find the Best Prescription Sports Sunglasses for your Needs

All of the above point to one central truth: prescription sunglasses can be essential to enjoy any type of outdoor sports, regardless of the individual discipline. But of course, that can only be true if you make sure to actually find high-quality sunglasses that match your prescription and optimize your comfort level if you hit some balls, run the track, or perform any other type of activity. Here are some things to look for as you engage in that process:

  • The right prescription. Without it, none of the glasses you pick matter. You have to make sure that your prescription is current and accurate before you begin the ordering process.
  • Physical comfort. The last thing you want is for your eyewear to come lose or uncomfortable in the middle of a crucial set, at bat, or stretch of running. Find glasses that actually stay on your head, but without causing you any level of discomfort.
  • Protection from sun and glare. Even the best prescription matters little if the sun prevents you from seeing clearly. The darkness of the lens matters, but so does the protection against glare and other potentially negative side effects of the eyewear on your head.
  • Merchant reliability. Put simply, you need to trust the seller from whom you actually buy your sunglasses. You have to make sure that, should any of the above be promised but not come true when you actually wear your glasses, you have an out. Look for warranty and returns policies to get that assurance.
  • Brand name. This might not matter to you. For many athletes, though, the brand is an important part of the puzzle when looking for prescription eyewear. Fortunately, brands like Nike offer reliable and visually appealing glasses tailor-made for any type of sports discipline.

Use these indicators to find the sunglasses that make the most sense for you. But be careful: not every type of glass works for every discipline. In other words, you have to make sure that the pair you chooses works well not just for your personal preferences, but also for the exact situation in which you plan to use it. Only then can you find and use prescription sports sunglasses that fit your precise needs at any given point.

That process can seem complex. It’s tempting to simply go with the first best option, and hope for the best. But if you truly value performance in any type of discipline, that lack of strategy is not enough. Instead, make sure that you go through a process that involves all of the above factors, helping you filter out only the best options before making your decision.

We can help you in that process. In fact, Rx-Safety is known for offering only the highest-quality prescription glasses and sunglasses for any purpose. Our website includes plenty of options for your sporting needs, as well. Contact us to learn more about our options, ask us about our extensive returns and warranty policy, and find the perfect sports eyewear for your needs.

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