Save Money On A New Pair Of Prescription Glasses By Keeping Your Old Frames

You need a new pair of glasses. How can this be possible when you just purchased your previous pair of glasses a little over a year ago? You did not want to believe it when you heard it, but it is probably true.

Can You See It?

Do you have to constantly increase the text size on your smartphone, computer, or other mobile devices? Do you have to place your newspaper or your book very close to your face in order to see the words?Β Even if you have an eye plan you love, it will still seem unfortunate and a shame to purchase another pair of eyeglasses, especially when you just purchased a pair that you love so much.

Constant Vision Changes

It can be very difficult for those who wear eyeglasses to keep up with the constant changes in their vision. Sometimes the doctor will make one small change to your vision that you may contemplate whether or not it will be worth it to purchase a new pair of expensive glasses. Will it really be necessary to buy a new pair of glasses just because there was a slight change in your vision and prescription?

While we know that wearing a pair of glasses when your prescription is outdated can be unhealthy and dangerous, it can also be a bit frustrating to buy another pair of glasses. We do not want you to wear glasses with an outdated prescription because of the risks of headaches and dizziness.

When you have your eyes set on prescription glasses, you should always be prepared for a sticker price that will shock you, especially if you factor in the costs of lenses, frames, and coatings. Prices for a pair of eyeglasses can be all over the place. You can find multiple pairs of prescription glasses that will look and feel the same, but the prices will be completely different.

If you are in love with your current frames and do not want to go out of your way to find another pair that you like, you can save a significant amount of money by keeping your current frames. Yes! You can make the decision to have new lenses installed in those frames you love so much. Can you imagine how much you can save by just having the lenses replaced?

What Do You Think Your Optician Will Say?

Even if you have a classic pair of glasses that you found in a drawer, there is still a chance that those glasses can be fitted with your current prescription. Your optician may try to convince you that the glasses you have are not current or up-to-date enough to replace the lenses. You will likely also be told that the only way for you to get new lenses is to get new frames as well.

You will not be the only one who will be placed under this type of pressure. Many consumers are constantly spending out more money than they should every year because they are being persuaded to purchase new frames whenever their lenses need to be replaced.

Are You Falling Into The Trap?

Consumers are being convinced that there is no other way to get new lenses. In addition to the new frames tactics, consumers are also being manipulated by the advertising and marketing strategy that offers a deal of two prescription glasses for the price of one. This strategy does not actually serve an intended purpose, aside from shifting the current stock.

The bulk of the money that is made in the eyeglasses industry is from the frames rather than the lenses that people need. It is no surprise that there have been so many marketing and advertising strategies centered around getting people to purchase multiple pairs of frames. You will not need to purchase a new pair of frames every time you are told your prescription needs to be updated.

The major corporations will push people into buying more than one pair of frames because that is what they are getting paid to do. A new prescription does not mean you have to get new glasses. This may have been what you were convinced to believe, but it is simply not true. They will not just come out and say that you have the option to re-use the frames that you already have and you can just have the lenses replaced.

Those who wear eyeglasses should always have the best vision without having to break the bank every single time their prescription changes. Consumers should be able to keep the frames they love and just have their lenses replaced. Even if the eyeglasses are not in the best shape, they can still be aligned, reconditioned, and very clear. You deserve to have your old frames looking as fresh and pristine as possible. They may be your old frames, but they can still be brought back to life.

No one’s sight should be sacrificed just because someone else told you that you have to get a new pair of frames along with your new lenses. A significant amount of money can be saved by purchasing glasses online instead of purchasing them from a retail store. You are not locked into a lifelong contract with the optician who tested your eyes and provided you with the prescription. If you find a pair of frames that you absolutely love online, you have the right to obtain access to your prescription.

Expensive frames are not affordable for every person, and even those who can afford expensive frames do not like having to spend a significant amount of money on them. The cost of eyeglasses and the demand for them continue to increase every day. Due to these reasons and more, it is highly important to look for multiple options that are of excellent quality and great for the budget.

You want a pair of eyeglasses that will meet all of your needs and match your style, right? When you are told that it is time to replace your old glasses, we want you to remember that this does not mean you have to get rid of them just because it has been recommended to you.

Have you been told that your vision has changed and you will need a new prescription? Have you been informed that you are going to need new frames and new lenses? If you have recently purchased a new pair of glasses we can understand the frustration at the thought of having to purchase more frames.

If you like your frames and do not want to change them, you can take advantage of the opportunity to keep your frames and simply have your lenses replaced. Before you schedule an eye exam, we encourage you to research all the options that are on the table for you. We want you to get the best deal for your money, and we also want you to get the best type of lenses and frames that will improve your vision.

You can always inquire about any discounts, specials, and deals on glasses. If you already know the type of glasses you want, you can take some time to research the glasses you want and compare the prices.

There are various pieces of information that many consumers are not aware of because major retailers and corporations want to keep them in the dark. Now that you have become more informed, we hope you will be able to make a great financial decision the next time you are told you need new glasses.

If your glasses are in good shape or if they can be reconditioned, your lenses can be fitted into the frames. Your lenses can be replaced by an effective and efficient replacement service. You can send in your old frames and have your new lenses installed in them faster than you can imagine.

Before you know it, you will be seeing clearly and walking around time with the frames you love so much. You will feel great and look great. You will also walk around town knowing that you saved a significant amount of money by not having to purchase a new pair of frames.

Do not continue wearing an outdated prescription because you are afraid that you will not be able to purchase a new pair of frames. Send in your old frames, have them updated with your new prescription lenses, and not worry about headaches, nausea, or dizziness. You do not have to put your sight and your health at risk because your vision has changed and you have been given a new prescription.

Are you ready to find out how simple and easy it will be to reuse your old frames? Are you ready to bring your old frames back to life? Are you ready to get your life back?

Please do not hesitate to contact us today for more information on the best route to take when it comes to reusing your frames. We are ready to help you maintain your confidence and your style.

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