How to Send Your Old Frames In for New Prescription Lenses


Wearing glasses is a lot more than a simple medical requirement, it’s more of a lifestyle. We know because there’s a distinct difference between people who choose or have to wear glasses in comparison to those who choose a contact-lens based lifestyle. These are two separate experiences that are solutions to the same problem. In the glasses-wearing experience, every year or so you head over to the optometrist. You sit in a dark room with your eyes naturally or chemically dilated and the doctor plays the “Better one? Better two?” game with you and the big lens machine. After your appointment, prescription in hand, the glasses you’re wearing are riding out the last days of their year-long lifespan. Soon you’ll be ordering glasses from a frames shop complete, of course, with a brand new pair of frames to either re-establish or re-invent your look and hold the new up-to-date prescription lenses.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. How many pairs of frames have you thrown away or tucked into a drawer to be forgotten except during the occasional emergency if your most recent pair breaks? And of those stowed back-up frames that have pretty much never been worn again, how many of them are still in perfectly good condition? The fact of the matter is that frames are often the most expensive part of a pair of glasses and a key aspect to the classic glasses industry is based on convincing people that new lenses mean new frames every single time. But what if you’ve already found the perfect pair?


Keeping Your Favorite Frames

If you have a pair of glasses that pleases you more than any other has, there’s a good chance that you won’t want to give them up and roll the dice again on a new set of frames with the next pair of lenses. It can be hard to find glasses that are optimally comfortable, flatter your face perfectly, and are designed in a sturdy enough fashion to last for several years of active use. When and if this does happen, the good news is that you don’t actually have to give them up when it comes time to update your prescription again. In fact, you can just mail in your old favorite frames and get them back as prescription-anything from mirrored shades to stylishly thin high-index lenses.

Wondering about the steps involved in this process? At RX Safety, this is a straightforward procedure. Begin by completing our form. Afterward, send us your frame, and the rest is in our hands. We will precisely replace your glasses’ lenses as per your specifications and ensure a swift delivery to your doorstep. For a more comprehensive breakdown of the process, please continue reading.

How To Get Your Old Frames Refitted with New Lenses

Step 1: Select the Type of Frame

The first thing you need to do is open our Lens Replacement page and select what type of frame you are sending to us. We have six different options: eyeglasses, sunglasses, safety glasses, wrap around, rimless and semi rimless, and wrap free form.

To help you visualize which is your case, we have included an actual image of each type of glasses, as you can see below. Click on the image of the type of frame you are sending to us. Then, start completing our form. It consists of the following.


Step 2: Describe the Frame

To ensure we receive a precise understanding of the frame you’re submitting, kindly provide a brief description of the frame. This description should include details such as the frame’s brand, model, and color. Please enter this information in the designated text box field, which appears as the initial step in the form.

Step 3: Choose Specifics for Your Lens Preferences

At RX Safety you can get your new lenses fully customized according to your preferences. This includes lens type, which range from single vision to progressive bifocal, and lens material, ranging from polycarbonate to standard glass. A standard option, which incurs no extra costs, is already selected for you. If you’d like any other, simply click on what you’d like.

Moreover, you can choose your lens color, with 17 options to choose from, including Transition; and lens coatings, such as scratch coating, anti-fog permanent coating, anti-reflective, and mirror coating. The standard color already selected for you is clear, and no coatings are previously selected. If you want anything different than that, make sure to click on them.


Step 4: Include Your Prescription

Now it’s time to include information about your prescription. You have two choices in this regard: you can either upload the prescription file directly, or input the required information manually. If you encounter difficulties reading your prescription while attempting the manual option, the video below is here to assist you.

How to read
your eye prescription

Watch Video

Step 5: Define Shipping Label and Finalize Your Order

You’re nearly finished at this stage. Your next step is to decide whether you’ll supply your own shipping label or opt for a prepaid one from our side. If you have any additional questions or comments regarding your prescription that you’d like to include, feel free to do so in the “comments” section you will find after it. To complete the process, simply click on the “Add to Cart” button.


Step 6: Send Us Your Frame

That is it! Now that your order is in, all you have to do is write down your confirmation number and package it along with a copy of your prescription and your safely-packed frames, then send them in. Your vendor will happily match up the frames with the online order and have those brand new refitted prescription glasses back to you in no time at all.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to breathe new life into your favorite frames with your updated prescription! For more information about the process of revitalizing your old frames and transforming them into a brand-new pair of up-to-date prescription glasses, reach out to us today. We’re here to provide you with all the details and guidance you need to make the most of your eyewear, so don’t waste any time – contact us now to get started on your stylish eyewear upgrade!

  1. Nicole says:

    If I already have prescription sunglasses but wanted them just darker or mirrored can I send them in?

    • b.kotian says:

      Hi Nicole,
      Thank you for reaching out. To achieve a darker tint or mirrored coating, the lenses would need to be remade. If you’re interested in exploring this option further, please feel free to contact us at +1 866 653 5227 or email us at

  2. Erica Jones says:

    I have two frames I want my prescription in. Can I send them to your company to have done?

    • b.kotian says:

      Hi Erica Jones,
      Thank you for considering our services! Certainly! Yes, you can send your frames to our company to have your prescription done., please visit our Lens Replacement page – and select your frame type.
      Complete the form with your lens specifications. Please Feel free to reach out for any questions or assistance via email at or call 866 653 5227.

  3. Harel says:

    If my lenses broke can I just send the frame with out the lenses
    How long does the process take?
    Do you serve customers overseas?
    Thank you

  4. JoAnn Teaff says:

    about how much does this cost?

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