Everything You Wanted to Know about Prescription Sunglasses

Eyewear in present times is not just an accessory to help with your vision. It has evolved into a fashion accessory, enhancing the personality of the user besides being functional in nature. For those who have a problem with their vision, it is no longer a matter of carrying two different pairs of eyewear when taking part in adventure activities in the outdoors. This has been made possible with the development of prescription sunglasses that not only correct the vision of the user but also give a big boost to his personality.

Why you should have a pair of prescription sunglasses?

Imagine driving your car on the highway wearing your prescription glasses and facing the harsh rays of the sun coming directly into your eyes. Although your glasses are working fine and you can see everything clearly while driving, you cannot focus upon driving because of the glare of the sun’s rays. This is where the usefulness of prescription sunglasses comes handy for you. You are not only able to see everything clearly but also avoid the glare of the sun, thereby driving carefully without any difficulty. There is no inconvenience and no awkwardness when you are wearing prescription sunglasses and you enjoy driving and avoid accidents.

Do not treat prescription sunglasses as expenditure

You have spent sizeable sum on buying prescription glasses and use them to help with your vision while reading, working, and watching television. Most people prefer to buy ready made sunglasses form the market or online as they consider them as fashion accessories. What these men and women do not realize is that they are compromising with the health of their eyes and with their own safety as wearing ordinary sunglasses may not be a prudent idea in the outdoors. Of course, you feel good because you have chosen a beautiful pair of sunglasses that make you look attractive in the eyes of others. But as these sunglasses do not help with your vision, they remain just a fashion accessory and nothing more. On the other hand, prescription sunglasses may be costlier, but they are not only good looking but also highly functional as they protect your eyes and help with your vision. As such, you should consider prescription sunglasses as an investment rather than expenditure.

Contact lenses may not be perfect for the beaches

If you make use of contact lenses, it is not a good idea to go to the beaches wearing these lenses. Your eyes can easily become watery and itchy when they meet the salty water of the sea. The combination of water and sand can wreak havoc on your eyes and your contact lenses. Obviously, you cannot take off your lenses and keep them safely in their box when you have gone to the beaches on a weekend vacation. You must face not just the sand and the water but also the harsh rays of the sun as well as wind on the beach. But you can easily make use of your prescription sunglasses even on the beaches and take them off whenever you are ready to jump into the sea for a swim.

Having a problem with vision does not restrict you to keep wearing your prescription glasses all the time. There are times and occasions in the outdoors when you want more than just your prescription glasses to protect your eyes and to look great. Having a bifocal prescription glass for your vision is today no longer an excuse to not use prescription sunglasses. This is because beautiful sunglasses are available in all prescriptions given by ophthalmologists. You can also get beautiful sunglasses of your choice even if your prescription glasses happen to be progressive lenses in nature.

It is a good idea to get prescription sunglasses even if your prescription is meant to be used when reading something or for watching television. It is also wonderful if you make use of contact lenses to correct distance vision as you can perform all the tasks without experiencing any inconvenience when you have prescription sunglasses at home. You can simply put on your prescription sunglasses and move out of your home with confidence without having to search for your contact lenses or prescription glasses.

Available in all designs and frames you find in nonprescription sunglasses

One good thing with prescription sunglasses is the fact that they are available in a wide variety of frames to meet the taste and requirements of the customers. In fact, you would find every style of frame in prescription sunglasses that you will do in nonprescription sunglasses. No matter what celebrity eyewear you are fond of, you are sure to find the same design and color of frame for your prescription sunglasses either in the market or any online shop. It is only wraparound prescription sunglasses that you will find difficult to find in the market. This is because high curves are not suitable for prescription sunglasses as they are known to distort the vision of the user.

There is no dearth of options in terms of lenses

If you have a thinking that your lenses are special and they will not be available in prescription sunglasses, think again. Whether your lenses are made of regular plastic (CR 39), polycarbonate, or high index, you need not worry. All these materials and many more are available in prescription sunglasses. Of course, you get all kinds of glass lenses in these types of sunglasses. Even though lenses made of glass are considered by experts to be the best quality, they are no longer the first choice of a vast majority of customers. This is because glass breaks easily and many customers find their eyewear too heavy for comfort if lenses are made of glass.

Photo chromatic prescription sunglasses

One of the hot favorites among prescription sunglasses are those having a photo chromatic tint. These are lenses that tend to darken when they are exposed to sunlight while they return to their original shade when the user comes into a room with indoor lights. Although this is a wonderful feature, many customers complain that their photo chrome lenses do not darken when they are sitting inside their cars. This happens because windshields of cars absorb considerable amount of UV rays of the sun and the remaining rays are not enough to activate the tint of these photo chromatic lenses.

However, photo chromatic lenses are still the first choice of large number of customers despite this limitation. This is because they automatically adjust themselves when exposed to sunlight and keep the eyes of the user protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Thus, these prescription sunglasses prove to be highly comfortable for the customers whenever they move out of their homes. For those who wish to have darker lenses on their eyes under sunlight, there are available integrated magnetic clip on sunglasses to look fashionable wearing their prescription glasses.

If you are budget conscious, you can simply give all the features you need in your prescription sunglasses and ask for a quote from many online shops. Contrary to popular misconception, these sunglasses are not as costly as most people believe they are.

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