The Best Oakley Sunglasses for Motorcycle Riding

Whether you are a fairly new or experienced motorcyclist, you have undoubtedly come across that moment of finding true bliss while you are on the road, at that moment you realized this lifestyle is for you. There is nothing like riding your motorcycle down a quiet road on a bright, sunny day. Even if the conditions are great, motorcycle riding can be one of the most fun things in our lives. It is an exercise in absolute freedom—whether you are riding on that country road or in the middle of a city. A pair of durable, effective motorcycle riding sunglasses can keep you safe on the road and make your ride much more pleasant. After all, you do not want to get something in your eyes and ruin your riding lifestyle forever.

But having said this, not everything is perfect about motorcycle riding. There may be situations when you are riding on a bright, sunny day and don’t have the clearest vision in front of you. Even if you have 20/20 vision or the best possible eyesight, the sun can interfere with seeing people, objects, and debris in front of you.

But which pair to buy?

At Rx-Safety recommend that you take a look at the best Oakley sunglasses for motorcycle riding collection if you are an active biker. Whichever pair you choose, Oakley sunglasses are excellent options for any type of motorcyclist. They also make prescription motorcycle sunglasses.

Oakley Motorcycle Riding Glasses

Oakley is one of the most famous fashion brands in the world. Started in 1975 by James Jannard, the Oakley company is one of the leading product design and sport performance brands in the world. While Oakley has expanded into different types of apparel, it is most well-known for its eyewear. Whether you are a man or a woman, Oakley motorcycle riding sunglasses make a statement. They signal that you are a confident, composed person who is ready to take on your day. This is true whether you are wearing Oakley sunglasses on the weekend at the beach or on your drive to work.

Along with its commitment to high-quality sunglasses for your day-to-day life, Oakley produces some stellar options when it comes to motorcycle glasses. Oakley designers took their time to understand what motorcyclists really want in a pair of sunglasses. By putting on a pair of the best Oakley sunglasses for motorcycle riding, you can leverage a wide range of both functional and aesthetic features.

Let’s start with the functional. One of the best things about Oakley motorcycle riding sunglasses is that most pairs are ANSI certified. ANSI stands for the American National Standards Institute, and ANSI sets forth widely-respected standards for impact resistance and materials of products like glasses and lenses. Many pairs of Oakley motorcycle sunglasses are ANSI Z87.1 certified. What does this mean for you? Oakley motorcycle glasses are impact resistant and will protect you from all kinds of flying debris—like dust, dirt, and sand. Instead of this debris getting in your eyes when you are traveling at high speeds, you will be able to concentrate on the road and enjoy your ride. Not only that, but it gives you the peace of mind that your sunglasses won’t break or shatter from a minor or major impact. 

Along with their durability and shatter-proof technology, Oakley motorcycle sunglasses contain anti-fog coating. This is a subtle, yet critical feature for extremely humid days. When you are traveling at high speeds on your motorcycle, the last thing you want is for your glasses to fog up. Quite obviously, if this happens, you will have a much more difficult time seeing people and objects on the road. With Oakley motorcycle sunglasses, you won’t have this problem. Even on the most humid days, you will not have any issues seeing the road in front of you.

From functionality, let’s talk about another crucial factor. That is your comfort when wearing these sunglasses, comfort is very important for an active biker such as yourself. For as cool as some motorcycle sunglasses look, they can be uncomfortable. They may continuously slide down your face—even when you are traveling at high speeds. Because of this, you may be spending more time adjusting your sunglasses than safely navigating your motorcycle. 

You certainly won’t have this problem with Oakley motorcycle riding sunglasses. They are designed to fit comfortably on your face. For instance, many models contain a rubberized unobtanium nosepiece so that your sunglasses, which can provide grip when you are riding in hot and sweaty conditions. If you are riding your bike and the weather quickly turns to rain, you won’t need to worry about switching out your sunglasses. You can also have this confidence if you are riding on a hot, humid, and sunny day. In sum, you can continue your ride with total confidence that your sunglasses won’t fall off your face.

In addition to all of these functional benefits, Oakley motorcycle glasses look great. They are sleek, stylish, and will look great with whatever you are wearing. Oakley frames come in a wide range of designs and colors. That said, they are most known for neutral colors. Some colors that you can choose from including matte black, terrain tan, and desert tan. But having said this, you have more flexibility in choosing your lens colors. Oakley offers lens colors like grey, clear, black iridium, and more. While Oakley does have a reputation of producing sunglasses with these neutral colors, you have the freedom to customize them the way you wish.

At Rx-Safety, we are proud to offer a wide range of Oakley sunglasses for motorcycle riding. By reviewing our collection, you can see that we offer the Oakley Standard Issue Det Cord Flag Collection, the Oakley Standard Issue Speed Jacket, Oakley Standard Issue Det Cord Infinite Hero Collection, and others. While all of these models contain the features that make Oakley a leader in eyewear, they vary slightly. Even though it may take some time, we encourage you to carefully review our collection. Some designs may have certain features that speak to you over others. Ultimately, however, we are confident that you will find a particular pair of sunglasses that suit all of your needs. Oakley motorcycle sunglasses will undoubtedly serve you well, whether you are a new motorcyclist or you have been riding your motorcycle for decades.

Other brands to consider:

A Long-Lasting Commitment to Quality

There are many motorcycle sunglasses on the market today. A good number of them offer all of the durability and functionality that you may require. Some other motorcycle sunglasses may place a higher priority on design and aesthetics rather than lens quality and frame quality.

Luckily, Oakley motorcycle sunglasses offer the best of both worlds. They can give you crystal clear vision when you are riding. They are extremely durable and can sustain severe impact, whether it is from dust, sand, or other debris. And lest we forget: Oakley motorcycle sunglasses are extremely stylish. They send a strong statement to your friends, family, and other motorcycle riders. They show others that you are strong, confident, and love motorcycling. Because of all of these benefits, Oakley motorcycle sunglasses are some of the best sunglasses on the market today.

At Rx-Safety, we are proud to sell these terrific motorcycle glasses. If you are interested in viewing our collection of Oakley motorcycle glasses, please click here. We are also happy to answer any questions that you may have about our collection. To get in touch, feel free to call 1-888-245-6638 (within the United States) or call 1-732-356-1493 (outside the United States). We look forward to hearing from you!

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