Where to Get Prescription Lenses to Put Into Frames

If you have an eye condition, there may come a time when you would like to purchase new frames.

There are plenty of examples.

For instance, you may be taking up a new sport and want to purchase new glasses that are specifically catered for tennis, cycling, or another activity. You may have found a new job opportunity requiring you to spend a significant amount of time in challenging outdoor conditions. Because of this, you may be looking for safety glasses that can protect your eyes from flying debris. You may even be looking to treat yourself with a nice pair of new, sleek sunglasses.

Whatever the case may be, you may hesitate to make the purchase because you need prescription lenses. Without the ability to use prescription lenses within your new frames, you simply won’t be able to see.

Luckily, you don’t have to resign yourself to a frame that you don’t really enjoy. Instead, you can take advantage of a lens replacement service. At Rx-Safety, we are happy to provide one of the highest quality lens replacement services on the market today. After taking advantage of our service, you will have no problem seeing clearly with the new frames that you love.

Lens Replacement Services to Get Prescription Lenses to Put Into Frames

A lens replacement service is quite easy to understand. Simply put, it is a way for you to incorporate your personal eyeglass lenses into another frame. Some frames—no matter how stylish they appear—would be impossible for you to wear if you weren’t able to switch out lenses. They could even endanger those around you—especially if you were driving on a busy street.

Therefore, lens replacement services serve several functions. First, they prevent any confusion when you pick up your next pair of glasses. Instead of wondering whether you will be able to see clearly with your new frames, you will have the confidence that your eyesight will be perfect in your new frames. Along with this, a lens replacement service ensures that you don’t need to struggle with the actual lens replacement process. Rather than worrying about whether your lenses were installed correctly, you can rely on an expert to get the job done. In other words, you can free up time to focus on the more important things in your life.

At Rx-Safety, we offer a first-in-class lens replacement service. By trusting us with your prescription lenses, you can be absolutely confident that your lenses will be securely placed in your new frame.

The process is quite straightforward. The first step (and arguably, most fun step) is shopping for your lens replacement frame type. On our website, you can select from a wide range of frames, including eyeglasses and sunglasses, safety eyewear, wraparound frames, rimless and semi-rimless eyewear, and wrap free form frames. Our frames come in many shapes and sizes, so you will want to review our collection before making your choice. You can also select from a variety of lens materials as well, like polycarbonate, Trivex, or high index plastic.

Once you select a frame from our website, you will then add your prescription information to your order. Our professionals will add your prescription lenses to your new frame. After the process is complete, we will mail out your new frame containing your prescription lenses. It’s as simple as that.

Rx-Safety’s lens replacement service starts at $29.99. The affordable price, however, does not mean that you will receive subpar service. We are dedicated to providing you the best possible experience—all with fast turnaround time. You can be confident that your new frames will not only fit well but will provide you with the best possible vision.

A Fast, Seamless Experience

Having prescription lenses shouldn’t stop you from purchasing the frames that you love. Fortunately, you don’t need to settle for a specific frame. Instead, you can take advantage of lens replacement services. With a lens replacement service, you can have the freedom to get prescription lenses put into frames while having full certainty that you will be able to see clearly.

Whether you choose to work with our lens replacement service at Rx-Safety or another service, we encourage you to get started today. To learn more about Rx-Safety’s lens replacement service, don’t hesitate to click here.

  1. Regina Williams says:

    I need prescriptions put in 2 glasses

  2. Lorraine A Gerace says:

    i had my eyes checked and got a prescription to get glasses. Who can I take this to to have glasses done.

  3. Cortez Wash says:

    I have a frame and my eye prescription. Does your company make lenses and place them in glasses?

  4. Medhavi Saxena says:

    I want to replace the frame with the same prescription lens

    • rxsafety says:

      Hello, to keep using your prescription lenses you need to purchase exactly the same frame. Otherwise, you can choose a new frame and we will add your prescription to it! If you need more help, our customer service will be happy to assist you!

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