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There was a time when investing in a good pair of sunglasses meant choosing one that stopped the sun getting in your eyes. Perhaps you still think sunglasses are more of a fashion statement than anything else. Think again. For various industries and sectors were safety of staff and individuals is crucial and where having fully optimized sight is paramount, a high-quality pair of sunglasses is imperative.

Forget Police, forget Ray Bans and other commonly purchased brands of designer sunglasses, when you need a good pair of tactical prescription sunglasses, there are three brands you should be looking to invest in – Oakley, Wiley X and Smith Optics Elite.

Why do these brands stand out from the crowd? In the following post, that’s exactly what we are going to discuss. We are going to look at each brand, discuss why they are popular and why their products are great investments while highlighting a product or two along the way.

First up, Oakley

Why Choose Oakley for Branded Prescription Sunglasses?

Oakley has a lot of famous and key fans, including the likes of Jennifer Aniston and both the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge who have all been seen wearing them. This had led many to wrongly believe that Oakley sunglasses are all about fashion. Oakley, though, are much more than just a designer pair of sunglasses for the rich and famous to wear.

Let’s look at some key reasons why you might want to consider them the next time you need to buy a pair of prescription sunglasses for tactical reasons.

Industry-Leading Research and Development

Oakley has spent a lot of time, money and effort as a brand researching and developing their products to make them as good as they possibly can be. The evidence of this is in their 3-point frames that are precisely balanced and offer the best optical alignment while being extremely comfortable and stable. Having frames so specifically designed ensures that your vision is as accurate and sharp as it needs to be.

Add to that the use of HDO or High Definition Optics, that further provides sharper and clear images through the lenses. It is this tech that also stops moisture or dust from collecting and building up on the lens.

Tested to Withstand ANSI High Impact Tests

All Oakley sunglasses are tested to ensure they pass the most rigorous and intensive ANSI tests for high-velocity impacts. It should be noted though, that the SI M-Frame and Industrial M-Frame are the only products stamped with Z78.1 for complete safety compliance.

Interchangeable Lenses

Almost all Oakley sunglasses styles are available with a rich variety of frame colors and lens colors. What’s more, some products, like the exceptional Switch Lock glasses, allows you to quickly switch the lens so that you always have the maximum visibility possible, depending on the given situation and conditions.

Why Choose Wiley X for Branded Prescription Sunglasses?

Wiley X are another brand of prescription sunglass that you may be forgiven for thinking were all about fashion. However, given that the company was established by a United States Veteran, there is more to the company than meets the eyes. They have been manufacturing high-end sunglasses for more than 30 years and have during that time have gained a sterling reputation. There are numerous reasons why you should consider their products, especially in a tactical scenario. Let’s look at some of the most important.


Wiley X prescription sunglasses and the words shatterproof lenses are two phrases that go hand in hand with one another. It’s not empty words either, Selenite Polycarbonate lenses used by the company in many of their models offer impact protection with the official stamp of approval of ANSI Z87. 1-2003. As if that wasn’t enough, many models are designed to fall in line with the strictest of military ballistic standards. What does this mean? They can withstand impacts that are greater than industrial testing regulations.

The Frames Are Virtually Indestructible

It’s not just the lenses themselves that are indestructible. The frames of many Wiley X sunglasses are designed using Triploid Nylon. These have been proven to endure even the harshest conditions and environments and can survive despite being put through lots of use and abuse. There are even some models that customers have noted have survived being run over by cars and other vehicles.

Clarity of Lenses

Protection against impact is important, but it is not the only factor considered by ANSI. For full certification from ANSI, prescription glasses like those produced by Wiley X need to pass prismatic, refractive and resolving power tests. This is what sets these top of the range models apart from the standard products that most members of the public invest in.

As they don’t need to worry about ANSI certification, those aspects are not even considered in the design process for those inferior sunglasses. For instance, Filter 8 Polarized Lenses produced by Wiley X benefit from 8 layers that create highly powerful polarized lenses that block all troublesome glares and enable you to see a greater and wider scope than the normal person. This higher quality of filter on the lenses also makes it much easier to see through the deepest parts of water.

In conclusion, if you have always wondered whether it is necessary to seek out the best of the best when it comes to prescription sunglasses, we hope we have been able to show compelling evidence that branded is always better. It is more than just about being cool or looking great, tactical prescription sunglasses by Oakley and Wiley X are put to more rigorous and thorough testing than normal sunglasses.

Yes, they are more comfortable and luxurious, but it’s the fact that they block out glare, can withstand pressures and impacts that make them truly worth investing in. In critical situations when having the optimum quality and scope of vision is imperative, you will be glad you invested a little extra in a higher quality of eyewear.

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