Who Makes the Best Polarized Sunglasses?

While all good quality sunglasses are designed to protect your eyes against the harmful UV rays produced by the sun and minimize the effects of glare, not all are made equally. If you really want to cut out any glare from causing you distractions, discomfort or even pain, then it may be time to invest in polarized sunglasses.

However, with so many different pairs of these sunglasses on the market and so many brands and non-brands producing the, it may feel a little overwhelming trying to decide which is the best of the bunch. That is a problem that many people have had, so you’re not alone.

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Fortunately, in the following post that is exactly what we are going to discuss. Before we talk shop, let’s briefly discuss sunlight and the glare it can cause, what polarized sunglasses are and what they do in a bit more detail.

Understanding Sunlight and Glare

Most of the sunlight that reaches our eyes is scattered after being reflected off surfaces that are uneven, like trees, grass, and asphalt for example. That is fine. When that same sunlight is reflected off a flat, shiny and very smooth surface such as still water in a pool or the sea or even the side or hood of a car, it is not scattered and reflected back in only one direction, resulting in very distracting, but also dangerous glare.

What Are Polarized Sunglasses and What Do They Actually Do?

As noted at the outset, the major difference between normal sunglasses and polarized is that while normal pairs have limited glare reduction properties, polarized sunglasses have been specifically designed to tackle glare. They have a thin layer of a special coating that filters out the light from certain angles to reduce or completely limit the glare. They act almost like curtains or blinds.

Who Makes the Best Polarized Sunglasses?

Now that we’ve filled in the gaps a little about what polarized sunglasses are compared to standard sunglasses, let’s look at who makes the best.

While personal preference and taste, as well as budget, will come into the decision you make, there are certain sunglasses brands out there who are recognized as being the top manufacturers in the market.

They are:

Oakley Polarized Sunglasses

Oakley is a manufacturer of lifestyle items and sports performance gear that was founded in 1975, known for high-quality sunglasses designed for various environments and activities. Many of the world’s leading athletes choose Oakley to help them perform their best. In terms of polarized sunglasses, they produce the HD Polarized range which are one of the best for dealing with unwanted glare.

They are made with elite athletes in mind, but the technology can benefit the average joe too.

Nike Polarized Sunglasses

Nike, the hugely influential sportswear and equipment manufacturer, hardly needs any introduction. They produce a fine array of polarized sunglasses that have been designed to the same exacting and precise standards expected of the brand.

Some key polarized models from the brand include the Nike Legend, Nike Traverse and Nike Terminus models.

Wiley X

WileyX is a company that was established in 1987 by a proud US veteran called Myles Freeman Sr with the main goal of providing the best protective glasses and eyewear for the people who defend the US. As well as the law enforcement and military sectors, the brand now produces some of the world’s best commercially available eye gear, including polarized sunglasses and lenses like the WX Klein, Kobe and Nash Polarized range.

Given their commitment to style and quality, it’s not hard to see why WileyX polarized sunglasses are popular.


Given the company has been in operation since 1888, you can’t argue with their position as one of the most prestigious eyewear manufacturers in the world. They are fully committed to producing sunglasses, including polarized models that are a combination of comfortable, fashionable and well-fitting. With plenty of different options to choose from, the very best include the Cobalt, Holman Floatable and Bolt/Bolt S range.


RayBan is an Italian American brand that was first established in 1939 and has a reputation for producing some of the most exquisite and sought-after sunglasses. Some of the popular models of their sunglasses that include polarized lenses are the Original Wayfarer Classic, the Aviator Classic, and the Clubround Classic.

Although known for their designer status, Rayban’s provide quality to match their high prices.

Smith Optics

Finally, in our guide to the best sunglasses brands that produce polarized models is Smith Optics. The company, who has been operating in the industry since 1983 is based at its headquarters in Daytona Beach, Florida and famous for the fact that all their sunglasses feature polarized lenses.

Alternatives for the Budget Shopper

Although we’ve highlighted some of the best of the best, we realize that the prices of many of the products produced by those brands are not going to suit everyone reading this post. The good news is that there are other options out there. You can find lower-priced models from less illustrious brands and no-name brands. They will help protect your eyes from glare so that if you are working on those hot sunny days in summer or simply relaxing at the pool or even out on the ocean surfing, you can go about your business without having to worry about the discomfort, distraction or pain the sun’s rays can cause.

However, we would stress the importance if you really want a high-performance pair of polarized sunglasses that you stick to one of the bigger names.  

You do have to invest a lot of money, but when your eye safety is concerned, is it really an investment you can afford to not make?  We don’t think so and when you pay for one of the higher-priced items, you are getting a quality product that will last for a long time, compared to the cheaper models that will not offer as good a return on your investment.

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