Finding Prescription Glasses for Kids Who Play Sports

Sports provide so many different benefits to kids. From the physical benefits of exercise to the social connections that your kids can make, sports can go a long way in your child’s development.

When your child is playing his or her favorite sport, however, you want to make sure that he or she is safe when taking the field or court. For instance, if your child wears prescription glasses off the field, you’ll want to find prescription glasses that they can wear on the field.

Our entire team at RX Safety understands the importance of protecting your children when playing sports. Because of this, we want to share some great prescription glasses for your athletic kids. Whether your kids are playing their first sports or are looking to become better at their favorite sports, these prescription glasses can help them perform at their best.

Helping Kids See Clearly

Looking at our collection of kids’ eyewear, you can see that we carry some of the most prestigious names in eyewear today. From Rec Specs and Bolle Safety to Leader Sports Glasses, you can be confident that your child is both protected and stylish when playing their favorite sport. From contact sports to non-contact sports, your child will be ready to do their best on the field.

We encourage you to review our entire collection to find your perfect pair of prescription sports glasses. That said, we want to highlight three here. These glasses are great for team sports like soccer, baseball, softball, and basketball.

Bolle Sport Field

The first is the Bolle Sport Field model. This model can go a long way in protecting your child’s eyes. It is Z87+ safety approved and contains features like a strap system, air-flow system, and shock absorption system. With all of these features, your child will see clearly and be protected from all types of contact. You can find the frame in a black/red color.

Leader C2 RX Sport Goggle

Then, there is the Leader C2 RX Sport Goggle. This pair of prescription glasses is fully rimmed around the edges, which gives the wearer a sense of completeness. Wearing these glasses, your child will be safe and will look stylish in the middle of the game. You can find these glasses in colors like black, red, gunmetal, navy, pink camo, purple, sand camo, and more. If you want to find glasses that match your child’s jersey or uniform, you may want to check this model out.

Challenger XL by Rec Specs

Finally, check out the Challenger XL by Rec Specs. These glasses are functional, comfortable, and sleek. They contain new temple padding, which provides additional comfort and protection for those in the XL eye size. You can find these glasses in many different colors, including matte black/lime, shiny navy/white, and shiny crimson/white.

In conclusion

All three of these models accommodate prescription lenses. No matter your child’s prescription, you can customize these glasses to fit your child’s needs. This is part of the customer-first approach that we provide to everyone that shops with us.

To see more about us and our child prescription glasses, click here. Happy shopping!

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