The Best Bifocal Safety Glasses of 2021

Bifocal glasses are essential pieces of eyewear. Whether you are at work or on the go, your bifocals help you see the world around you. If you work in dangerous or challenging conditions, however, you will likely need to get bifocal safety glasses. That said, you may be wondering which bifocal safety glasses that you should purchase. Our team at Rx Safety has a great line of bifocal safety glasses that are ANSI Z87 approved. Along with this, they contain magnification power ranging from +1.00 to +3.00. Looking at these lightweight and affordable bifocal safety glasses, you can be sure that you’re getting the best bifocal safety glasses of 2021 at the most competitive prices.

Let’s take a look at some of them:


The SB-9000 model of bifocal safety glasses is a new arrival in our store. It is an outstanding choice for so many different reasons. For starters, a wide wraparound lens offers plenty of lateral protection from dust and other types of flying debris. A soft rubber nose bridge and temple inserts make this pair extremely comfortable to wear. You can find this model in colors like clear, dark gray, yellow, and orange. At only $10, these bifocal safety glasses are extremely affordable.


Now, let’s talk about the SB-5000 model of bifocal safety glasses. This model has a contemporary design, but is also very protective of your eyes. It complies with the ANSI Z87.1-2003 standard and wraparound lenses. Like the SB-9000, this model contains temple inserts and a soft rubber nose. You can find the lenses in clear and dark gray color. An extremely low price point ($10) makes this a great choice for purchasers with any type of budget.


This model is different in that it contains photochromic lenses. This means that the lenses of these bifocal safety glasses turn clear indoors and grey in the sun. Because of this, the PSG-TGB-206YBS is a good model for wearers who work indoors and outdoors. Along with photochromic lenses, you will discover that this model contains a durable and resistant safety frame. With a rubber nose bridge and temples, you’ll also notice that these glasses offer a secure grip. You will find this model for $89.99.


Finally, there is the PSG-TGB-808BK model of bifocal safety glasses. This model also contains photochromic lenses, which is great for anyone who must wear safety glasses for work in both indoor locations and outdoor locations. Like the others, this model has a rubber nose bridge, rubber temples, and a comfortable frame. These glasses are great to wear and won’t feel uncomfortable on your face.

Protect Your Eyes Today

With any of the four bifocal safety glasses mentioned above, you’ll be able to see more clearly and be protected in the most challenging conditions. Plus, with Rx Safety, you can personalize any prescription safety glasses. You can add bifocal or multifocal lenses and select from all different types of colors and coatings.

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