What is the difference between safety glasses and safety goggles?

Workers across all segments know how important it is to protect their eyes from workplace hazards. At RX-Safety, we offer a wide selection of prescription safety glasses and goggles. They protect our customers’ eyes from all elements. Your eyes and eyesight are irreplaceable and valuable. Oftentimes, our customers completely depend on their eyesight being sharp and accurate to safely and properly do their job functions. Across the industries that they work in, there are many different hazards that can lead to short or long-term damage. Safety glasses or safety goggles are protective glasses that protect the eyes from damage.

We aim to prevent this from happening entirely. While we offer a comprehensive range of safety glasses with prescription and safety goggles with prescription, our customers may be wondering what the difference is between the two. In fact, the answer is that prescription safety glasses and prescription safety goggles are both PPE or personal protective equipment for your face and eyes. The difference is slight and just about the way the protection works.


First, safety glasses are a simple yet effective type of protective eyewear. Also, they work by essentially creating a barrier between your eyes and the potential irritant The potential irritants can be UV light, debris, dust, wind, or others. The variety of styles that prescription safety glasses are available in means they work for almost anyone in any segment. You wear prescription safety glasses exactly like regular glasses. This means you put them on and they hook over your ears. Prescription safety glasses can be rated for professional protections such as ANSI or military ratings. They provide complete protection, but they do not hug your face the way that safety goggles do.


Alternatively, safety goggles are secured tightly to your face, usually by a strap. They seal themselves to your face, usually by full coverage contact or by foam or rubber eye-cups. The benefit of prescription safety goggles is that some environments require that they completely seal against the elements. This means that the wearers may be working with gas, dust, or particles that need to be protected against with a full airtight seal.

Safety Ratings

Despite their differences, safety glasses and goggles have many similarities. They both are forms of personal protective equipment for the eyes and face. Additionally, they undergo testing to achieve safety standards ratings from impact protection. Also, they come in various forms, shapes, styles, and sizes. These variations are for task specific uses that they may have. It is also important to note that prescription safety glasses can often come with removable side shields, straps, or eye-cups in order to turn them into goggles. These accessories give them the versatility to adapt to the environment that the wearer needs them for.

Prescription Available

Finally, something that RX-Safety is incredibly proud of is our seasoned team of experts to help our customers select the perfect pair of prescription lenses. We understand that selecting prescription safety glasses can be confusing and daunting. We are here to help listen to your specific needs and recommend you the perfect safety eyewear for your environment.

Plus, we also carry a range of prescription safety glasses that can become prescription safety goggles! Check our F126 and find out more!

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