Bifocal safety glasses and the reason you should own them

Bifocal-Safety-Glasses-Why-They're- Essential

Prices for glasses can quickly add up. And if you’ve ever needed or heard about bifocal glasses, you know that their complexity tends to come with an even greater price. 

Here at RX Safety, we believe in honest and fair prices, vowing to make even technology advanced eyewear accessible to everyday individuals who need them the most. 

In this article, we’ll be talking about bifocal safety glasses and affordable recommendations from RX Safety. 

But first, we’ll be discussing why you should own a pair–keep reading to learn more.

Bifocal glasses hack

Bifocal glasses are more expensive than standard glasses. One way to get around the price is to get bifocal safety glasses

Bifocal glasses have changed over the years from their thick and unflattering appearance. In fact, at RX Safety you can get access to extremely modern designs that can disguise the appearance from your regular bifocal glasses–and at affordable prices at that.

Let’s take a look.

RX Safety’s SB-9000 bifocal glasses 

RX safety offers some great options for bifocal safety glasses. One of our greatest steals is the SB-9000. At only $10.00, not only are these glasses super affordable, but they are a cheaper alternative to regular bifocal glasses.

These glasses are available in four distinct magnifying lens colors–clear, yellow, dark orange, and gray. They also feature a rubber nose bridge and delicate rubber-tipped temple bars for extreme comfort and a secure fit. 

The sleek design isn’t the only thing appealing about these glasses. They are ANSI industry approved, making them extremely safe and protective. 

Clip-on Flip-up Alternatives

RX Safety also offers great alternatives for bifocal safety glasses that can again be used for your everyday eyewear. If our SB-9000 isn’t exactly for you because the bifocal magnification isn’t really suitable for you, or is too small, we also have clip-on flip-up alternatives.

Take for instance our Clip On Flip Up magnifying readers. These bifocal components offer advanced and simple solutions of transforming your eyewears into bifocal reading glasses. Simply clip them onto your glasses. They feature lenses with magnifying capacity of +1.00 to 5.00 as well.

Not only are these glasses super convenient, as they are easy to attach and remove but they are also super durable, offering superior protection. 

Transforming any eyewear, these clip-ons are an instant solution to affordable bifocal glasses. They also come in a variety of lens sizes to ensure the ultimate eyewear fit. 

Make any prescription bifocal at RX Safety 

At RX Safety, any prescription safety glasses can become bifocal. So if you find a style you like that comes with a prescription, simply select “buy frame with prescription” and fill in the form–we’ll take care of the rest. 

Also, if you need additional assistance our customer service will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect eyewear. Simply inquire online or by phone and we’ll be sure to get you the quality answers and glasses that you deserve.

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