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From time to time at Rx, we like to share our recommendations with you regarding some of our top-tier prescription sunglasses. Those who wear prescriptions often may think that their options are pretty limited when it comes to prescription sunglasses. 

Still, as an official distributor of Oakley Prescription sunglasses, we can safely say that not only will you have a great selection of high-quality products to choose from, but you’ll also look great in any of the options we recommend. 

Below we’ve highlighted three out of our lineup, and we’ll even help you get them to you with the proper prescriptions. 

Oakley Frogskin Sunglasses

These are great for those with a small to medium-sized head and face for these beauties to rest on. They have a square frame shape to them and are both extremely durable and lightweight at the same time. 

When you pick the Oakley Frogskin Glasses as your prescription safety sunglasses of choice, you can select from various frame colors. These include polished black or clear, matte black or brown, or go for more stylish options such as the sapphire blue frame or the pure, clear frames as well. 

When you’re done picking out your frame, you can work on getting those prescriptions with Oakley’s High Definition Optics®, so you’ll always have the ability to see everything with optimal clarity.

Oakley Fuel Cell Sunglasses

Whether you get them in matte black, polished black, or black ink-colored frames, you’ll love these sporty motorcycle-style prescription safety sunglasses. The Oakley Fuel Cell prescription safety sunglasses come with an excellent wraparound design with thicker frame legs than other models. 

This will help to amp up the safety aspect, as more of your head is covered while at the same time providing that snug yet comfortable feel. You’ll feel great wearing these all day cruising around your motorcycle or spending time fishing out on the lake, and you may even forget their size due to how lightweight they are. 

These are best suited for those with a medium to larger head size and can accommodate higher prescriptions without ruining the aesthetics. 

Oakley Drop Point Sunglasses

This model is one of our biggest frames yet, and they’re suitable for large to extra-large heads while still maintaining their comfort and protection. In addition, the Oakley Drop Point sunglasses can be easily made into prescription safety glasses through us. They come in a standard variety of black or dark grey frames, and the Matte Black Prizmatic frames add a little extra design feature to the entire setup.

This pair also comes with Oakley’s well-known non-slip and extra-durable Unobtanium® nose pads to make sure no matter how hot it gets, these will definitely be staying on. 

All three of the models mentioned above are great options for those looking for some of the highest quality prescription safety glasses out there. They also all come rated for ANSI – Z87+ high impact protection to make sure you’re always safe wearing them. 

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