The T9603 is D3/D4/D5 safety rating approved

Sometimes we might need that additional layer of protection with our safety glasses or goggles. This could be due to dangerous and dense dust particles to the probability that something hazardous might splash onto our face. 

For these types of situations, there are safety glasses ready to go through the gauntlet and protect the eyes of the wearer from these sudden hazards. 

Introducing the T9603

When looking for splash resistance safety glasses, you’re looking for something with at least a D3 rating. The T9603 comes with D3/D4/D5 rating, making it one of the safest and most protective safety glasses out there. 

The D3 component offers protection against splashes and droplets on the glasses, from molten items to liquids and chemicals, meaning you can keep on going without worrying if your eyes are affected. 

The D4 rating adds an additional layer of protection against dust and blocks debris from coming inside. The final D5 rating is for fine particulates that aren’t readily available to be seen by the naked eye. These can usually bypass the best safety glasses, but not those with this rating. This feature is important because the eyes can easily absorb fine particles, so if you’re in an environment with these types of particles, grabbing a pair of these safety glasses is a must.

In addition to the D ratings, these frames also come with protective side shields and both EN 166 and ANSI Z87+ ratings against high-velocity impact, helping to create a holistic safety net around your eyes. 

Comfort not forgotten

If you wish, you can remove the silicone gasket for additional comfort with the adjustable nose pads and rubber temple guards. The wraparound design helps to maintain and secure the fit, and the TR-90 nylon construction provides a lightweight frame for all-day usage. 

For those who want to make this one of the best prescription safety glasses possible, these can accommodate high prescriptions while still maintaining their protective nature. In addition, you won’t lose out on the functionality or form when adding these to your collection. 

Sleek design choices

With all of this protection and comfort, these prescription safety glasses must look terrible, right? Not at all. At Rx Safety, we also enjoy showcasing safety glasses and prescription safety glasses that feel great and look great. The T9603 comes in a sharp minimalist clear and black frame or a clear and orange frame, which also adds another visual safety component.

These are also a great fit for those that have a larger shaped head, with the bridge being 19mm in width. At the great price point these are available at, with the extensive eye protection they offer, this is great for those that work in chemical factories to manufacturing centers. 

Not to mention they’re also ideal for those that want something lightweight and easy to wear when entering dangerous situations, such as the police force and first responders. So don’t let your vision be impaired, and get yourself a pair of these today. 

  1. Whit says:

    Do these glasses come with the anti scratch and anti fogging capabilities as well?

    • b.kotian says:

      Hi Whit,
      Yes, the Safety Reading Glasses T9603 come with a permanent anti-fog coating and are equipped with anti-scratch lenses for added durability.

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