Product Release – New Metal Safety Glasses: RX-303, RX-475, RX-125

Introducing-RX-475,-RX-125,-and-RX- 303:-the-newest-releases-in-our-metal- safety-glasses-range.

Keeping in line with our strategy at RX Safety, to always provide you with the most diverse set of safety glasses and always to offer you the latest options that are out there, we are pleased to start carrying three additional opportunities to our already extensive catalog.

One thing to notice immediately about these options is that all three of them are actually metal safety glasses. This is as opposed to the polycarbonate or TR-90 Nylon based safety glasses we carry. These give the added protection of being made out of metal but also ensure that they all adhere to or surpass necessary safety standards. 

On top of that, all three frames also meet or exceed ANSI Z87+ and EN 166F safety ratings, meaning when you’re wearing one of these metal safety glasses, you have excellent protection. All three options also come with detachable side guards to offer excellent splash protection. Then you can detach them and wear them like regular glasses as well. 


The first option we’re going to take a look at comes in a rectangular style. The RX-303 also comes in a nice silver color that helps with its metallic properties. It has the smallest bridge between the three options coming in at 17mm, with a lens width of 50mm. These are the perfect option for a secure fit for those that have a medium-sized head. 


The next option is the RX-475. These frames come in a more oval shape for those that are looking for something a bit different and are a great option for both men and women. The RX-475 comes in a silver color as well and also at a slightly higher price point than the RX-303. Although they come with a bigger bridge at 19mm, they also come with the same lens sizes as the RX-303. This will keep the general size of the frame a preferred option for medium-sized heads. 


Our final option for these metal safety glasses is the RX-125. These come with the largest bridge and lens width at 20mm and 54mm, respectively. Still, this is classified for those with a medium-sized head in many cases, but if you tend to go towards a larger frame, then these might be the best option. They come in a similar rectangular and silver color to the RX-303, yet they can appear to be a bit more rounded. Again, these are a comparable price to the RX-475.

As all these frames have gone through rigorous testing to meet or beat ANSI – Z87 2+ and EN166F standards, it comes down to deciding which frames above will fit you best. They are similar in a lot of different aspects, but if you’re going to go with a prescription with one of these three frames, if it’s a high prescription, then the rectangular options may be the better option.

Regardless, you can easily customize the prescriptions, and lens selection all online, once you’ve finalized your decision on which frames to pick above.

New-metal-safety-glasses-now- available-at-RX-Safety.

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