Safety Glasses With Straps and Why We Love Them!

Safety glasses with straps are the favorite ones for a lot of reasons. But, this is especially true when playing sports or doing some other type of rigorous activity; you want to ensure your safety or prescription safety glasses stay on when they’re supposed to. Otherwise, it defeats the whole purpose of getting these types of glasses in the first place.

A great way to ensure that snug fit is to get safety glasses on our site that come with the flexibility of being used with a strap. This helps to prevent these safety glasses from slipping and keeps them on your face at all times. They won’t move around as you move around, and they’ll make sure to keep your vision clear at all times. They’re also unique in that some of the options we have at RX safety are actually convertible between safety glasses and safety goggles.


These frames are ANSI Z87 – 2 +, which protects against high mass and high-velocity projectiles. The strap is possible as an additional purchase, but even without having one, they are already extremely lightweight due to their TR-90 nylon construction. The nose pads are adjustable, and the temple bars are rubberized for that tighter fit you’re looking for. The RX-F126 is a great option as a prescription as well and comes in black. 


Another pair of excellent prescription safety glasses, these also come with the possibility of purchasing a compatible strap. The RX-Q368 comes in four distinct colors, either camouflage, beige, military green, or a black and blue option. 

Their construction material helps to make them chemical resistant, while their ANSI Z87-2+ safety standards help against that impact resistance. Since these come in a wraparound design and style, there’s no need for side shields, as the frames will protect your peripherals. 

Rec Specs MAXX 20 Glasses

These frames come already included with a strap, and a safety strap can be purchased as needed. These frames themselves exceed ASTM F803 impact resistance standards for numerous sports. These sports range from squash to soccer, to basketball, to tennis, all with the mindset to protect those that use them against the balls that may hit their face. 

The MAXX 20 glasses are also perfect for a wide range of specs due to their patented eye rim assembly. When looking at color options, there are five options to go with, fitting anyone’s style, either shiny black, plated silver, laser chrome, crimson and black, or bright blue and black. 

Wiley X Gamer

Even Wiley X has entered into the foray of offering premium quality sports eyewear. These frames also come with ASTM F803 sports safety standards achieved against high-velocity projectiles going 90mph. They don’t miss out on comfort and have soft temple tips and a rubber nose bridge to take care of a pleasant fit. These are fully convertible frames that are perfect for your child who wants a tighter fit using the already included strap. The Wiley X Gamer comes in Matte Black with Dark Silver or Gloss Black with Metallic Blue.

All of these high-quality safety glasses with straps are available at RX Safety, with different colors and styles. With RX Safety, not only do you get prescription available styles, but you also have access to a wide variety of materials and lens coatings. Make sure to check us out! Our customer service representatives are available online or by phone and are here to help answer any questions you may have and help you step into the latest, affordable trend–with the eye protection that you need.

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