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For those that are in an industry that requires the use of safety glasses, we end up questioning what happens when we already wear regular prescription safety glasses.

Does that mean people in that category need a separate pair of prescription safety glasses? It’s possible if that’s what they want as an option to go with, but it’s also not necessary if people are looking for a simple, well-sized pair of over glasses safety glasses. Regardless it’s always critical to note that some type of safety glasses should always be worn.

These are also commonly referred to as fitover safety glasses and are built to be worn over most sized prescription glasses. Having safety glasses over glasses will help reduce the need to carry around a specialized pair of prescription safety glasses and allow multiple users to work with the same pairs of fitover safety glasses. But, of course, they’re also perfectly fine for even those who aren’t wearing prescription glasses.

Fitover Glasses Options for Every Need

For those that find themselves in the market for these types of over glasses safety glasses, at RX safety, we carry just the right amount of variation to fulfill your needs as well as being a cost-effective solution over a secondary pair of prescription safety glasses.

Phillips PSG-SP16 Safety Glasses

The PSG-SP16 glasses are a robust non-prescription safety frame engineered with cutting-edge features. Equipped with symmetrical ventilation technology, this frame facilitates the seamless flow of cool air, preventing lens fogging. Crafted with precision, the oversized SP16 is designed to effortlessly accommodate most standard prescription eyewear, ensuring practicality without compromising on style.

Manufactured from high-quality TR-90 Nylon, this clear fit-over safety frame combines lightweight construction with exceptional durability, adapting seamlessly to any environment. Their uniquely bent temples contribute to a secure and comfortable fit, promising stability in any setting. Committed to excellence, these fitover safety glasses adhere to stringent industry standards and proudly meet ANSI Z87-2+ safety standards, providing optimal protection for your eyes.


Pyramex Safety Cappture Plus Safety Glasses

The Pyramex Safety Cappture Plus Safety Glasses are meticulously crafted with a non-conductive frame and explicitly designed to seamlessly fit over your prescription glasses. These fitover safety glasses come equipped with clear and gray lenses, providing non-prescription clarity along with enhanced safety features. Notably, the flexible rubber foam gasket ensures a fog-free experience for your lenses.

Their thoughtful design extends beyond mere fit, with temples that reach from the brow bar to prevent any interference with your prescription frame’s temples. Embracing the highest industry standards, these Pyramex safety glasses proudly meet ANSI Z87.1 and CAN/CSA Z94.3 safety requirements, guaranteeing optimal protection.

Portwest PS30 Fitover Safety Glasses

Experience the Portwest PS30 Fitover Safety Glasses – a brilliant fusion of lightweight design and exceptional functionality, crafted for the utmost comfort when worn over your prescription glasses. Revel in the expansive panoramic lens adorned with integrated molded side shields and a protective brow guard, delivering unparalleled protection against workplace hazards. Noteworthy features include outstanding side protection, adjustable side arms for a personalized fit, and extendable side arms for enhanced security and comfort.

Universally compatible with most prescription glasses, these Portwest safety glasses seamlessly blend convenience with comprehensive protection. The anti-scratch coating ensures enduring durability, while the 99% UV protection guarantees sustained eye safety. Meeting the highest industry standards with ANSI Z87+ and EN 166 certification, these glasses prioritize optimal protection for your eyes.

How Should fitover Safety Glasses Fit?

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In conclusion, the dilemma of whether to invest in a separate pair of prescription safety glasses or opt for fitover safety glasses is a common concern in industries where eye protection is paramount. The versatility and practicality offered by fitover safety glasses, also known as over glasses safety glasses, provide a compelling solution. These specialized frames, such as the Phillips PSG-SP16, Pyramex Safety Cappture Plus, and Portwest PS30, not only accommodate most prescription glasses but also adhere to rigorous safety standards.

In the quest for eye safety, fitover safety glasses emerge as a cost-effective and practical alternative, eliminating the need for a secondary pair of prescription safety glasses. Whether worn over prescription glasses or independently, these options provide a crucial layer of protection, meeting stringent safety standards and ensuring the well-being of individuals in various work environments.


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