The best type of over glasses safety glasses

For those that are in an industry that requires the use of safety glasses, we end up questioning what happens when we already wear regular prescription safety glasses.

Does that mean people in that category need a separate pair of prescription safety glasses? It’s possible if that’s what they want as an option to go with, but it’s also not necessary if people are looking for a simple, well-sized pair of over glasses safety glasses. Regardless it’s always critical to note that some type of safety glasses should always be worn.

These are also commonly referred to as fitover safety glasses and are built to be worn over most sized prescription glasses. Having safety glasses over glasses will help reduce the need to carry around a specialized pair of prescription safety glasses and allow multiple users to work with the same pairs of fitover safety glasses. But, of course, they’re also perfectly fine for even those who aren’t wearing prescription glasses.

For those that find themselves in the market for these types of over glasses safety glasses, at RX safety, we carry just the right amount of variation to fulfill your needs as well as being a cost-effective solution over a secondary pair of prescription safety glasses.

Phillips PSG-SP16 Safety Glasses

These are specifically oversized as fitover safety glasses to ensure proper fitting and sizing. Yet, at the same time, the PSG-SP16 also are constructed with durability in mind through the use of TR-90 Nylon material. This helps to keep it light and comfortable while at the same time meeting ANSI Z87-2+ safety requirements and standards.

These frames come in a clear plastic color and have vented sides to allow for air to flow freely and help prevent fogging.

OnGuard Guardian Safety FitOver Glasses

These fitover safety glasses are a prime cost-effective choice to get several pairs for the workplace. The Guardian provides comprehensive coverage and protection with both comfort and protection in mind to give you peace of mind. It comes with a scratch-resistant coating and UV400 polycarbonate lenses. The construction has it achieving ANSI Z87+ safety standards and gets that OSHA approval for safety glasses as well.

We offer this model in two different sizes, so it’s best to confirm what size is needed ahead of time. As with the other options, it comes in a clear color all around to promote visibility.

Cocoons LightGuard G300N Large Fitover Safety Glasses

Another option that not only provides impact resistance through its polycarbonate construction but also helps to offer holistic 100% UV protection. At the same time, these frames also provide isolation and clarity against 94% of all visible light transmission. The G300N, with its modest design and clear coloring, also has anti-fog lens treatment, so you’re always able to see clearly, and ensure that you’re able to get the job done. Added to this is the fact that these frames meet ANSI Z87.1, make them an exemplary pair of over glasses safety glasses.

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